Wednesday, June 9, 2010

royal icing silver with purple n pink

by the time I am writing and upating this post, this chocolate cake covered with fondant with royal icing deco would already be in Kelantan already, in Jalan Bayam, Kota Bharu.

from a groom for his bride, complete with pink and purple ribbon to match th the deco on the cake

this design was inspired by one of he invitation cards that I had which was requested by the client.she wanted white base with silver deco and to add a touch of pink and purple too..

pink and purple pearl like border and blossoms on the side.
this cake sure does have a story to tell but for now, I'll keep it with me. You know, ever heard of the expression, "bad hair day"?
Well..... mine is not the case of a bad hair day but more of a 'bad "cake" day', but thankfully ALhamdulillah, situation was under control, despite the mishap, I managed to complete this and I was and am very happy with the result. Ever since I went to the intensive three day course in March 2009, this is the first time I used the techniques learnt, ie using royal icing as the deco for the design on the cake and the sides. With a lot of practise, I could do much better, insyaAllah.

carrot walnut cupcakes with cream cheese and simple deco for makan2.

thank you Ida, who came with the groom's mum ( Chah's aunt, ( Chah- the black and white three tired cakes ) . Chah's aunt is Dura's mum ( Dura- whom I have only spoken once over the phone, enquiring me about wedding cakes and the next day , her mum came over to order these cakes ( Mak Dura, sori Makcik, tak tahu nama, sebab bahasakan Makcik je )

Confused? Don't be.....cos I am not....:-)
Terima kasih Makcik for trusting me with your son's wedding hantaran cake and Chah, thank you for introducing and recommending Zue's OVen to them.

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