Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CCC, BWW, MCB, OCC......by CMZ (CekMekZue)...

CCC - chocolate chip cookies ( with walnut) Thank you Nana
BWW- Brownies with walnut ( with icing sugar on top) Thank you cikgu Azura

MCB - Marble cheese brownies - a wedding gift for a friend's wedding

CCC - a humble cookie gift for an aunt

MCB - it was not meant to be, made for someone else but ended up with someone else. Thank yu KAk Bahiyah.

OCC - Oreo chocolate cheesecake

thank you Jay,

BWW- another order from Cikgu Azura. Terima kasih cikgu........


  1. Akak.. oreo chese cake brape ek?

  2. hello Dik! RM60 size dia 9 inci berat sekilo lebih

  3. oh... macam tu.. kalau marble chese cake brapa kilo?

  4. marble cheese brownies pulak size 10 inci x 10 inci berat dlm 1.1 to 1.2kg