Wednesday, June 16, 2010

endless Summer Nights

Summer came and left without a warning,

All at once I looked and you were gone,
And now you are looking back at me,

searching for a way that we can be

like we were before.......

Richard Marx

Why am I writing this song, cos I used to like this song and its singer, and because this lady who ordered this brownies would be in a place where I found my true &*$%@.........., when I am writing this,

She ordered this brownies with walnut on the day my son went over to her house, to do some 'film' project with her son and her other son's friend who was also my son's friend. the three of them, the boys, went to the same primary school but now they go to three different secondary schools, but with internet, facebook and mobile phones, they remain connected.

After a couple of days, while I was updating my blog, and reading messages on facebook, I recieved an online message from her, saying that " dah habis dah"... the brownies' gone..... tinggal bekas je......

so she ordered this at 10 am , on the day she was going to pick up her son who was having a sleepover at my house. This time, the three boys were shooting their 'film' over at my house. tak tahulah filem apa yang budak2 ni buat.....just want them to have some fun this school holidays. she was supposed to pick this brownies up at 2 pm but she showed up at 12 noon, and fortunately it was ready, still a bit warm from the oven though. The second order was for her relative who would be looking after her son while she would be away , accompanying her husband on a business trip. hope she would be having a great time there......

.teringin nya nak pergi ke sana semula, miss that place so much, its fish and chips, its Kohi Noor beriani, its strawberries and cherries plucked fresh from the tree , its beautiful flowers and parks in Spring, long hot Summer ( don't miss this much ), dried yellow leaves falling in Autumn, white snow and icy cold weather with cardigans, scarves and gloves in winter.......the underground tube, "Mind the gap", the double decker red bus, the fresh wet market in Romford,the theatres in the West End, friendly pigeons in Trafalgar Square, the beautiful rows of shops and boutiques along St. Christophers Place, Sloane Square, Covent Garden, Harrods, Selfridges, Sainsbury's, 44, Bryanston Square, Bond Street, Oxford Street, sweet memories still lingering fresh in my mind .......................

pour some sugar on me

in the name of love,

i'm hot, stick and sweet,

from my head to my feet, yeah......

12th April 1988, Wembley Arena, Def Leppard concert ........rock on.......:-)

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