Friday, June 11, 2010

Kalau hati sudah suka.....

kalau hati sudah suka,
semua indah saja,
itulah tanda kasih akan bermula, di dalam jiwa.....
( Hail Amir and Uji Rahid)

So sweet, so soft, so feminine, just as sweet, as soft and as feminine as the person who has everything to do with these cuppies and cake and cookies too.....

berdebar-debar rasa hati,
menantikan saatnya,
hari yang dijanjikan,
waktu kitakan di satu....

I first got to know her thru email, when she requested me to make chocolate cuppies for her mum's birthday, red, black and white cuppies. and to deliver them at her mum's office.
She then asked if I could make her engagement cake and goodies, and I said, sure why not, insyaAllah..... and as Allah wills it, today I had completed her order when she came to collect them this afternoon.
Not only that I made for engagement do, but I also did for her sister's 'invitation card'wedding cake and pink and white hantaran mini cakes as well.

She wanted birds , butterflies and flowers, with pink and white theme.

the pink and white ribbon with pink bow to match the ribbon on the cookies set.

chocolate chip cookies with walnut inside a heart shaped case with matching pink and white ribbon and pink flower plus a pair of white and yes, pink small butterflies

chooclate moist cake with buttercream roses, again pink and white with silver dregees scattered on the border plus a heart shaped fondant cut out with fondant pink and white roses and blossoms and the wordings SELAMAT BERTUNANG" on the white blossoms.

with a little help from Batrisyia, I managed to complete this set. she didn't do much , just stayed up with me, kept me awake when I almost dozed off while making the buttercream roses:-)

yet another pair of pink butterflies di taman bunga2an pink and white.

As much I had enjoyed making this set, I hope Yana is happy with them too,Wishing Yana and Akhmal, Selamat Bertunang.....jangan lama2, darah tu manisssss sangat...


  1. I love the doves on the cupcakes. So sweet.

  2. thank you for the sweet comment Wiz, thanx for dropping by.