Monday, June 21, 2010

Spaghetti ala dome with meatballs

Can you hear that? total silence....................................................., except for the buzzing of the standing fan behind me and the sound coming from the chiller in front of me and the water dripping from the loose tap in the kitchen ( oopps...nomore, it has been fixed:-) ) and the occasional meowing from the cat outside. Hubby is outstation and the kids are all at school, the two weeks school break is over and I am back with the old routine of sending and fetching the kids from school plus the usual stuff.just had nasi dagang which I bought from the market, made a quick stop at the wet market after sending my youngest to school and bought some chicken, squid and veggies.still searching for what to cook for lunch.Since my eldest will be having extra classes , thot of sending lunch over for her.
This spaghetti was for dinner last night. Didn't know what to cook either when my son suggested that I made this "spaghetti ala dome" .That could be arranged except that I didn't have enough ingredients for it, so I made do with what's in the freezer instead
I created this recipe after tasted the goodness of this version at the Dome when we went for a holiday in Penang a couple of years back. Just pure luck, after my first trial and error I managed to get almost the same taste. Yippee! just thot I'd share it here for those who'd like to try my version of that spaghetti.( perhaps it tasted somewhat like 'Olio')
spaghetti- boil first
First, heat olive oil,
fry some ( I prefer , a lot ) of crushed garlic,
add in chicken, prawns, squids, fish fillet ( but since last night I only had prawns, and I substituted with meatballs to make up for the other missing ingredients)mind you my son wouldn't mind a bit because he loved meatballs.
then, add in salt and a bit of sugar to taste.
when they are cooked,
add in coarse black pepper,
parsley ( I used dried parsley in a bottle ),
chilli flakes ( just like the one you get from Domino Pizza)
mix everything well,
throw in some veggies, if you like, I used diced carrots, and if you like, some green pepper, red chillies for colour( sliced all the veggies )
finally, throw in the spaghetti, mix well

these cards were made by my two dotters for their Abah on Fathers Day

where's Mama's? abah asked.
To my kids' father, to my Abah and to all the Abahs and daddys and Walids, and Bapa and Papas all over the world, wherever they are, they might be driving right now, in a meeting, playing golf, in South Africa watching the World Cup Live , in the paddy field, in the mines, teaching, debating in courts, mengajar Al-Quran to the kids in the kampung, whatever it is that they are doing, they are being dads, responsible and dedicated fathers,:- Happy Fathers Day, Selamat Hari Bapa. I know that my wish is later than it should be but I guess the date didn't really matter much, everyday should be Fathers day just like everyday should be mothers day.They should be cared for, remembered and treated very special , every day, every hour and every second of their breathing lives. Treat them well, care for them, make them happy, when they are still around.If they are not with you, not by your side, not in the same house with you, pray for them, pray for their safety, pray for their health and happiness, pray for their wellbeings. Love you Abah!
and on behalf of my kids, we all love you very much dear, thank you for being the greatest , the bestest, the everything to us, Abah...muah muahhhh......


  1. kenapa spaghetti tu nampak macam mee goreng.nampak kering macam takde kuah2 dier

  2. hello's not bolognese, memang tak sepatutnya berkuah, memang kering camgitu, the one we ate originally pun takde kuah:-)thanx for asking.