Monday, June 7, 2010

Walimatul urus, A & F

Beras kunyit kami taburi,

berkembang kasih menabur budi,
undangan kami setulus hati,
harap sudi datang merai....

Iwas looking forward to making this cake, but at the same time I was feeling rather nervous , can I do this? I was going to draw the design on the card freely onto the fondant, no mistake should be made cos it's not like writing on paper where you can use the correction pen for any mistakes made, but first thing first, to mix and match the colours, two different colour to get the exact colour as the card and thankfully after my first attempt,i managed to get the colur that I wanted. phew!

then mix another one for the upper layer , easier than the base for I only use pink , very light pink for this one.

the card , this was the design that I was going to use but I wasn't going to draw everything on, just the main design.
and the result......

the cake , chocolate moist cake, almost or maybe more than 3 kg in weight inclusive of the fondant for cake cutting ceremony.fully covered with fondant and royal icing for the deco.

the knife set , decorated with very soft pink and crystal like flowers, matched with pink ribbon

the cake, the knife set and the card

for makan2 , from me..

thank you yana,the sister, alifah, the beautiful bride, mind you the sister is beautiful too and sweet, sweet cos she is soon to be engaged......., for tusting me with this cake. It is really challenging to make this cake but thankfully it turned out fine, it is not perfect, still a long way to perfection but alhamdulillah yana, alifah, and their mum expressed their satisfaction on the result. I went for the kenduri and saw the bride beautifully clad in shocking pink , beautiful and ayu , from top to toe, as any bride would have loved to be seen on her wedding day.
I also saw the pink and white mini cakes on the dulang hantaran among the other pink and white sets. I love going to kenduris, I like the nasi and lauk kenduri but sometimes , as time wouldn't permit, I couldn't make it to my other customers' kenduri which I apologised but I would like to thank them fom the botom of my heart for the invitation and for trusting me with their wedding cakes and cupcakes.
A caption/ doa from the invitation card:
"Ya Allah, Berkatilah majlis ini, limpahkanlah barakah dan rahmat ke atas pasangan suami isteri ini, jadikanlah rumahtangga mereka bahagia dan berkekalan dalam ketaatan Mu. Kurniakanlah mereka zuriat yang sempurna, beriman dan beramal soleh. Berikanlah ketenangan kepada mereka di dunia dan akhirat. Sempurnakanlah agama mereka dengan berkat ikatan suci ini"
Amin, Ya Rabbal Alamin.
Selamat Pengantin Baru Alifah and Faisal.May happiness be yours forever.

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