Thursday, June 3, 2010

All in a day's work.....

Some days, I would just 'laze' around ( after doing the house chores , which took quite a quantity of my time ), putting my feet up on the sofa, flipping through cake decorating books and magazines, no more Womans Weekly or Woman At work or Madam MC, GLAM, DIVA, Jelita, etc, etc.....

or rather blogwalking visiting other blogs whatever or whichever that caught my interest, not just about cakes or cake decorating or looking for new recipes, but about life, in general, I do love to read what others wrote, I do admire people with good writing skill and wishing that I could write like them too, people with great photos in their blogs, people with interesting stories to share, be it about their daily lives, routines, romance, anything really......I love reading, that explains it. . Cake decorating is not my only passion, i love writing too

however, yesterday was not one of those days, yesterday was the day where I had to plan carefully what I wanted to do, bake the cakes and cupcakes first, which one to do first, who's coming over at what time and what to deco, do they want buttercream or fondant deco, which ones need to be done first and which one later. time management is crucial, every minute and every seconds count. I wrote all the orders in my book and ticked off one by one, feeling great fter each one had been ticked. somehow, things didn't always go as planned. Just when you thought you had everything planned, a single phone call or one sms could change everything. It's not that your plan was turned upside down, it's just that you have to adjust the time, to be able to squeeze in any last minute orders which you simply just couldn't refuse or say 'No" to.

that's why they always say, you need to have passion, to do this, without which you wouldn't be able to entertain all the requests and all the expectation , passion and patience go hand in hand, you need one with the other. Not just in cake making and decorating, you need to have passion in everything that you do, then only you will get the desired result. Remarks like,

" sweetnyer,cantiknya....elegant, gorgeous........"

"sayangnya nak makan"

soooo cute......"

"sedapnyer, scrumptious, delicious, "

are just like music to the ears, but 'm still hungry, hungry for more .......more knowledge, more know hows .

One more order to complete as I am updating this, something cute, how and what do you define as 'cute'? teddy bears first came to mind, ladybirds, just taking a breather for a while after a long day and night.

whatever the design, whatever the occasion, for whatever reason, decorated cupcakes or cakes would light up your day any day , but..... sometimes, even if they are just bare, without any deco like the oreo chocolate cheesecake or brownies, or cookies, it would do the trick just the same

the thought of giving, of wanting to make the other person happy and the thought of receiving from someone thoghtful enough would make it even more beautiful and special.

i had an enjoyable though lack of sleep, time making these cakes and cupcakes. Seeing the expressions on their faces compensate for my sleepless nights and rest deprived.thank you all for your support and for making my day and night colourful and beautiful like the colours of the fondants and buttercream.

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