Sunday, June 6, 2010

please make me really cute cupcakes, well, teddy is cute...

pink teddy and ladybird, made from fondant sitting on a fondant covered chocolate cupcake

one honda design, one cupcake with her name and the other with her friend's name, the rest, she wanted something cute, really cute. what could I think of in less than 24 hours?

mushrooms came to mind, sitting on the grass with colourful little blossoms and flowers

and what could be cuter than a teddy bear, sitting in the midst of the greenery

so tiny, so little, so the very the cute one.....

just where do you think you are going, little one, you haven't ven grown your spots yet....
Thank you Cah, she smsed me on the day when I was at my busiest period, a couple of orders waiting to be completed and since I had a few extras, she thought she wanted to try my cupcakes out, after seeing them in her friend's facebook, who happened to be one of my regular customer's daughter who is also my neighbour. so, after having completed all the orders, then I started making these tiny ladybirds and teddy and just put them on the green grass and there you go Cah, your cute set of cupcakes. hope you like'em.

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