Saturday, June 19, 2010

Choc chip cookies and banana muffin

4 jars of cookies, one for each child
first this lady ,who is Datin's ( the kids' grandmother ) friend, called me up.

"Zue, her grandchildren loved your cookies and is it possible to order 4 jars for them. how soon can you make them. they would be going to Langkawi for a couple of days and perhaps you can drop these cookies at her house (just leave them with the maid )before they come back from their vacation",
this is what she said to me and added:

"It feels nice , isn't it, knowing that people like what you are making"

yup! the feeling is great

later, it's the kids' mum calling me to order these 4 jars , making sure that I got the order, just in case her mum had forgotten to make the order because they would be leaving for KL after returning from Langkawi and wanted to bring these cookies back with them.

since I had some bananas , thot I'd try out another version of banana muffin from this book. It turned out beautiful, not too sweet, just nice, taste even nicer with cream cheese frosting.

gave this set to Datin together with the four jars of choc chip cookies. thank you .

for makan2........anything with banana is fine with me, banana fritters, especially gorengn pisang nangka or pisang rasa, pisang nangka sira, cokodok pisang ( jemput2 pisang), banana cake, banana cake with walnut, banana muffin, apa2lah, ada pisang, mesti sedap punya....

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