Thursday, June 3, 2010

chocolate or cocoa.. bownies and choc cuppies

brownies with walnut dusted with icing sugar, order from none other than Mr Brownies man. He said, lama tak makan,thank you Mr Din for your continuous support.
she wanted a chocolate moist cake and wanted it in less than 24 hours. smsed in the morning and wanted to take it at night cos they would be having a farewell do the following day. I was in the midst of decorating cupcakes, not just one set, but a few., not just any cupcakes but cupcakes and mini cakes for weddings and engagements. On normal days, I could easily bake the cake for her but on abnormal days, abnormal means a few orders in one day, then I would have to say "No" politely and she understood. then I remembered that I had a few extra chocolate cuppies and suggested to her. she agreed. Just wanted simple deco with names on each cuppies. by 9 pm , she collected the cuppies. thank you Atikah.

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