Thursday, June 3, 2010

L.O.V.E.U red and white chocolate cuppies

I still have a few more sets of cuppies and mini cakes to deco but the sms I just received prompt me to put in these photos, for these cuppies had made somebody very happy.
The sms says:
kak, thanx, ;) A suka sgt. suma org pun suka. sedap, suma org ckp deco tu sgt comel & xsggp nk mkn.
nnt bole order lg ya kak"

thank you dear, the pleasure is all mine and look forward to creating more deco for you. she chose the design from my previous two creations, combined together.
thank you fatin, for giving me the opportunity and to be part of the special occasion thru my cupcakes. Happy birthday asyraf......


  1. Salam Zue..dah lama tak Wow! You never fail to amaze colour!!! I like!! nice work Zue..hope your business flourishes in many,many more years to come...BTW, masa raya ada kat Alor Setaq tak? Nnti nk order MCB n a few other things...wud let you know...Thanks.

  2. Salam Ti, lama tak dengar berita, harap sihat2 semua di sana.merah makngah!thank you for d compliment and your doa. Raya, kalau before insyaallah ada, Zue pun tak tahu lagi raya mana tahun ni. ingat this year nak cuti one week after raya, takpe, stay in touch ya.....