Monday, June 28, 2010

Love Bites

Venue: Wembley Arena

Year: 1988

Def Leppard Concert

Venue: Wembley Arena

Year: 1987

Whitesnake Concert

Venue: Taman Stadium,

Year: 2010

blueberry cheesetart, 9 inches and more than 1 kg in weight.

What's the significant between the two rock group concert tickets and blueberry cheesecake?

nothing , just something i did before and something i am doing now:-)
BTW, the title Love Bites has nothing to do with the entry, just filling up the empty 'Title' column :-)

Joe Elliot from Def Leppard singing "Love Bites", layan the old Def Leppard songs on Youtube while packing these cheesecakes.Love most of their songs from Hysteria to Pour SOme Sugar On Me, Photograph, Animal, Armageddon, and many many more. They are known for their one arm drummer and their concert was superb!

In the Still of the night,Fool For Your Loving, Here i go Again, Is This Love, love most of Whitesnake songs, David Coverdale has such sexy voice , that was my opinion then, is he still sexy now, I don't know. Those were the days, young blood, you like everything that moves and sounds sexy...blame it on the hormone...just kidding..

oreo chocolate cheesecake 9 inches in size and about 1.3 to 1.4 kg.

Thanx Ina for trying out these two cheesecakes.

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