Saturday, June 19, 2010

sweet 21 Momo brownies with walnut

she would be the last person I would see f I go to this place
she would always be smiling and polite and courteous

After having to cancel her previous order because of her grandpa's illness, she finally made this order for her friend's engagement. Sweet deco for the sweet person who ordered this brownies and hope the birthday gal will like it too as much as Ema did. thank you Ema and everytime i go for my supply of sugar, flour butter , cream cheese or anything baking related, I would see for she works there but maybe not for long because she has a dream. It's good to dream, it keeps us motivated and inspired. May all your dreams come true dear.


  1. sedap nye akak.. pos kan la kan untuk sya.. :)

  2. Salam Dik! camana exam? hope semuanya okay.Brownies ni sedap, ada walnut di dalamnya. yang ni deco untuk birthday. Kalu betul serius, bisa diatur. kawan2 tak balik Alor Staq ke, boleh kirim kat depa, jimat courier charges and insyaAllah deco remain intact:-).take care..