Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kalau tak kawan kacau, siapa lagi......

brownies wih walnut,

I couldn't sleep after waking up at 4 am this morning, so I turned on the TV and a movie on DIVA Movie channel which had only just started looked kinda interesting, about a young couple starting a new life on a prairie or a ranch ( High Chapparal- Manolito Mantoya )or something, ( her head gear reminded me of 'mary had a little Lamb' or Laura from Little House on the Prairie" and the husband was wearing cowboy hat riding a horse, cowboy style. I ended up watching the movie till the end, a very interesting and heart warming story.

after my suboh prayer, went downstairs and started cooking (since I planned to go out later, I decided to prepare lunch earlier )the chicken which I had boiled earlier, "Chicken Sweet, Sour, spicy, and hot" , with the extra bananas I decided to make cokodoq or jemput-jemput pisang, whilst doing them, turned on the TV and MHI was on air with wardina and Aly Iskandar as the hosts.

The topic for today was rather interesting, about books , how easily we can produce /print our own books , I love books, read many books from different authors from Enid Blyton to Stephen King and Sidney Sheldon, to name a few. Plus the latest buzz about the Apple i-pad. Will be available in the stores today for as low as RM1500 to RM2000 plus plus.

I-pad, i-phone, Blackberry, e-book, , i-pod, all these terms may not sound alien to me but what they are, what they do, how to use them, are they worth buying, are a bit blur to me. but this lady (moi), can blog despite her lack of IT knowledge, well, she stumbled upon the blog creation and after keying in this and that, voila, this blog was created two years ago! and this blog still look the same as it was two years ago, well, perhaps only one time she changed the background from black to this current colour, pink. She is still struggling wih some of the features but until then, she's happy with what she's doing now:-)

Breakfast, cokodoq ready, one dish for lunch, done ( for now, until I figure out what other dishes to dish out later), checked my outstanding items in my "to do List', quite a long list but today I am quite free and so I thought I would go out and get a few things done, the top on the list, actually, my new list for today, to buy the fabric for the baju kurung for my brother's wedding which is only less than three weeks away!purple theme for the kenduri in KL and pink for the one in Kelantan. what about for the akad nikah? Hmmmmm...... it's been awhile since I last made myself baju kurung or kebaya. three pairs of baju for my brother's wedding, actually just an excuse to make new ones, not that I didn't have any purple or pink attire in my wardrobe.....hehe.....but would my tailor be willing to accept my last minute order, speaking of which that was what I was going to get pretty soon.

while I was busy selecting and choosing which ones to buy, dah bergulung-gulung kain salesman to bukak for me to see, when my phone rang, saw the name on the phone, I thought she had something to say about her 7th dec order but no, that one was okay but she needed a cake and she needed it today!potong steam betul ...hehe.... tengah syok tengok kain ni, but the interruption was good, if not I would still be standing in that Gul*t* store, asking the salesman to show me all kinds of kain some more....so I cut my shopping spree short, just bought two pairs of kain which cost quite a fortune ( they don't come cheapp anymore), itu belum masuk upah jahit...
from there, drove straight to my tailor's huose in jalan Kampong Pisang ( macam nama movie tu pulak, Zombie kampung Pisang....hehe ) and fortunately she's willing to accept the order.Phew! stopped by at hubby's office and went straight home and started baking the brownies, by 1.30, it's already in the oven ( she's coming by at 3.30 pm to pick it up )

I was still feeling sleepy and tired from yesterday, so while waiting for the brownies to cool, I decided to take a short nap and told Batrisyia to wake me up when the long hand of the clock shows number 6 ( ie 2.30 pm ) so that I could decorate the brownies. Luckily she did wake me up, if not I would just continue sleeping because I was totally knocked out!
finished early , by 3pm I texted her saying that her brownies was ready. thanking me profusely for taking her last minute order for she wanted to give it to a colleague ( being her last day ) at the work place today.
I was just glad that I could help in any way that I could cos it so happened that I was in that day ( 'in' as in town, not out of town) and I was free ( no other orders ).thank you Nik for thinking of me to make the cake or brownies for this occasion. Kalau tak kawan2 kacau, siapa lagi nak kacau kan? I don't mind being 'kacau' this way......:-)


  1. Hi Zue, we are now 13 hours BEHIND you. Its 7.45pm Friday petang now.
    You are 8.45AM Saturday pagi where you are.
    I lengang kangkong over.....and very interesting read your cherita.
    Holy Smoke! You wake up at 4am? Told you don't read those naughty books! Ha ha ha.

    Zue, check out on YouTube our Canadian made TV series, 'Little Mosque on the prairie' .....it was directed, produced by a Canadian Muslim lady here.
    And one very popular program here and in US too.
    It is really hilarious....about the misunderstandings between the Christians and Muslims, and its hilarious moments....between Mat Sallehs and Muslims in Canada.

    Zue, check that out....YouTube has it. And go to the beginning.
    You have a pleasant weekend, and don't watch those 'Sex in the Kampong' movies...they'll keep you awake! I told you so! Ha ha ha, Lee.

  2. Hey Lee!me, still in my kitchen, still infront of my laptop ( no i-pad yet ) just had me 'moonstruck bread; and a glass of orange juice for breakfast, while blogwalking and blog updating. Another relaxing day (so far ), just threw some clothes into the washing machine and let it do the work. Had a not so nice dream last night, and still feeling fatigue after yesterday's session /cupcake deco session ya not the other session....( must be the age......sign of aging......)
    what naughty books Lee? the only books or magazines that I am reading now are either cookbooks or cake decorating books or magazines...haha.....nothing naughty or kinky in there, or are they?hmmmmm
    will check that out later in Youtube, but surely your stories are much more funnier!
    It must be you who's watching that " sex inthe kampong' movie cos I never heard of the title..hehe......
    you stay warm Lee , good to have you over