Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the eve of Hari Raya Haji

Panggilan Haji, telah tiba lagi,
menunaikan ibadat, panggiilan Baitullah
Tanah Suci Mekah.....

Rukun Islam yang Lima
wajiblah diamalkan
bagi yang berkuasa dan yang berkemampuan
( nasyid during my secondary school)

Hari Raya Haji or Hari Raya Korban was only 24 hours away,whilst the pilgrimage were waiting anxiously for the big 'wukuf' day , we were busy preparing the dishes and delicacies to celebrate Eid or rather we were just 'tumpang' they said, Raya Haji or Raya Korban because it was they, who were actually celebrating the eid.Insyaallah, God's willing, I would like to be"Tetamu Allah' as they usually termed it, in the future too

My raya eve morning started with the continuation from last night, still so many unfinished tasks to be done.I completed these blueberry cheesetarts last night because Pn Normala would be the first person to pick up these cheesilicious BCT for her and also as gifts for her MIL

nicely packed in this rectangle transparent casing with polka dots ribbon fit as gifts to your loved ones, not just good to see but good to eat too!

Baked four MCB last nite, two for Ita, one for Rosnani and the other for Ida, all ready to be picked up later in the day. MCB story didn't end here

K.Ita picked this one

I was supposed to complete this CMC last night, supposed to cover it with fondant and then to deco it with white and blue theme, but I was too tired from the previous day's activities and thought I'd get a quick sleep for half an hour. Told my six year old ( six year I am telling you )to wake mummy up when the long hand of the clock showed number six and the short hand showed number 12 ( ie 12.30 midnite ) . I thought 30 minutes would be sufficient for a short break but I guess my body needed more minutes and hours for a breather. As I was sleeping and resting on the sofa in the living rooom, I felt something or rather someone slowly clilmbing up next to me and snuggled close, automatically wrapped myself around her and both of us went blissfully off to dreamworld together leaving my CMC waiting on my kitchen table!
tick tock, tick tock
5 am! my thirty minutes break became five and half hours! and the CMC was still waiting patiently on the table, still bare, still uncut!Still feeling sleepy and tired but i forced myself on my feet and started on the cake.
7 am: just as I was decorating it, covered it with fondant and and in the midst of it, came a call.
"Kak Zue, how are you?
Were you affected by the flood? So were we......anyway.......
oh..oh.... I knew that tone, I knew it, it's coming, it's coming, any minute now.....
Ada hajat ni.......ada kek extra dok?
It came!
My kid just informed me that they were having a farewell party at her school.

Fortunately for her I had this brownies with walnut which I had made earlier, did a little adjustment to the wordings, very simple and minimal deco and her daughter was not disappointed.
I knew that that I couold always count on you, While you are at it, is it possible for me to order one cake for raya tomorow but would collect it today.?
If MCB, Okay, if by this evening, okay
so she agreed and so made another MCB while decorating the fondant engagement cake.

the ones baked last night.

two jars of semolina cookies and two jars of ice cream green tea. Intan's aunt just couldn't get enough of these cookies the previous raya and so she ordered again for this raya.thank you Intan
and her aunt.She came to collect them after work

bags of cookies ( thnak you Kak tuni, Miza and Rosnani)and MCBs ready in the morning to be picked up.

chocolate cake ,fully covered and decorated with fondant, engagement hantaran. thank you Ita.Your MCBs were spared.....

What? more MCBs? A last minute requests, for Liza and Kak Min
10 am , " Zue, any extra cake or not" came the 'cepumas' question.
Actually i have 4 MCBs, waiting to be picked up by was not sure when they were coming.
Oh no, no ,no ,no can do.......

Ida's chocolate moist cake with ganache, she also ordered one MCB.thank you Ida

By 3 pm both the additional ordes for MCBs were ready and I said, okay, enough baking for today,

farah came to collect her OCC at night, after an adventure with her daughter aishah that day,and received this sms, an hour later,
"Sedaap. sian my sis in law k.zue, quarter dh ilang....gara2 adiknya x saba..."

If I thought that the MCBs were the last order for the day, well , wrong thought. just when I thought I could put my feet up for the night, came another call, this time from hubby drearest, a request from his friend for this cheesecake ., for raya tomorrow,
okay, while I was at it, made one plain bake cheesecake for us too and one OCC as well.

Thank you Mr Mokti for helping us with the furnitures during the flood recently. I made this together with the cheesecake. Actually I wanted to make this earlier but he was outstation and hubby just told me that he's back.

This MCB and the cheesecake were the last to leave my house on the raya eve.Alhamdulillah, everybody has got their cakes and cookies for raya. Hopefully everybody will have a wonderful raya celberation the next day.All I wanted was to find my pillow, my bed, my hot shower and my beauty sleep.
coming next.....raya morning......

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