Friday, December 3, 2010

An apple a day keeps the doc away, but this 'Apple'........

is my new toy..... ( smiling from ear to ear cos it's a gift...... it's not my birthday, nor it is our anniversary.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm............................
but as excited as a child getting her first Barbie doll, but trying not to show it:-)

well.....hers, is not the first Barbie doll......when was this picture taken, not by me....

funny/sad thing is, don't even know how to send text messages:-( first lah, and now slowly trying to learn how to use it...:-), even my kids are much more advanced and IT savvy than moi!
me and IT, not so good friends,
me and cakes , sugar and flour, buddies......:-)
thank you dear...

three boxes of brownies packed nicely with pink purple ribbon.,


  1. Hi Zue, wow! You ada Apple? Wayyyyy to go! I can imagine you very excited....but jaga you don't put wrong ingredient in your cakes.
    Bila nak buka tu Apple?
    Is it a Apple Iphone 4? Or laptop?
    Can whisper tell me? Ha ha ha.
    Have a nice day.....and go play and learn to use it.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  2. HelloLee! where have you been, been trying to visit your pondok but no one was home:-(

    Yup, I have an Apple. Actually there's a slight problem with my Nokia E66 so hubby decided to get me a new phone, the latest cvraze, the new buzz, this i-phone thing, so he got me the iPhone4. me, not too excited because i am not so into this new gadget, I got confused easily with this IT thing, but it is so fast, esp if I want to check my e-mails, no need to open my laptop.
    My kids use my iPhone more often than me!
    going to be busy this few days , wedding bells everywhere, but will always find time for visitors like you.
    You take care, I tried going into your pondok but it says there, "No posts". Why? Are your doing some refurbishment to your pondok?
    Have a beautiful Tuesday night and keep warm with Mrs Lee, snuggle close together-gether........:-)wink wink..