Monday, November 8, 2010

Sediakan payung sebelum hujan...Nov 5th 2010, friday.

, the old saying, be prepared with your umbrella / get your brolly ready before it pours/rains but in this case,

sediakan lilin sebelum blackout

get your suply of 100 plus

cartons of bottled mineral water before the flood

the early morning before the water even reached our ankles, hubby was contemplating whether we should drive the car to higher place or not but where to? We might need the car to bring our things out should we decide to stay elsewhere if we were to be deprived of all the basic amenities

our neighbours' houses in Taman Stadium ( arnd 9 am )

we took a quick tour around the taman to see how everyone else fare in this unpleasant flood situation, we were in the same boat, so to speak.
the small road leading out to Jalan Stadium ( IPK, opposite the road )

The road towards the airport, Pumpong, Anak bukit, Pantai johor was closed

returning home, we discovered that the water level had definitely risen and very fast too!

notice the big vase in thispicture and the one at the bottom.....

having fun, are we?their first encounter with flood, Batrisyia nowhere to be seen, scared of the water, is she?

jauh termenung......what was she thinking? worrying about what's gonna happen to her oven, her chiller, her cooker, her fridge, all those things were in the kitchen, wet and dry and we decided not to lift anything there for those items were very...very heavy and we decided to let them be and we 'tawakkal', hope and pray. this was the first time ever we had to lift the furnitures up ( in the living room ), we heard that this year's flood was going to be bad, very bad........
Taman Uda, Jalan Sultanah, Lorong Fajar, Taman Rakyat, all affected much earlier than us and soon we knew that our fate would be like theirs........

the big vase was almost gone....., we decided to pack our things and to leave around two pm but after having received a phone call that my MIL was seriously ill back at the kampong, we left earlier.

Batisya, go and get your clothes, we might be away for a few days

Where are we going?

Away, away from our home, because of the flood, we have no supply of clean water and pretty soon, they will cut off the power supply too( as if she would understand what they were.....)

But, I am going to miss my home.....her exact words. She's going to miss her home. We sure will Batrisyia..
hopefully all these will be over before we know it.

Before we left, the water was barely two inches away from our front door, but with heavy hearts, we left our home sweet home because there was not much we could do, not without clean water and soon to be cut, the electricity supply.

later that night, we came back to check on our house. my wet kitchen area, is filled with dirty flood water and so hubby decided to lift the cooker on to the wooden chest. Less than ten minutes later, at about 8.10 pm on Friday, 5th November, we were officially cut off from the power supply. The long awaited cut and finally it came , at least, I had finished all my orders. This was when the candles came in handy but we didn't wait long.

I longed for a hot bath or shower after a long , tiring , hectic day, and since there's no supply of clean water, no electricity, we decided to search for a nearby hotel and the funny thing was, when we asked one hotel after another( most were fully booked ) if there's any room available, one of the hotels informed us that they also did not have clean water!who would want to stay there!
We checked in at a hotel close to the hospital which my MIL was admitted.

It was late but I badly needed the shower. Had one, felt good...sooo good, however, the hot shower, , the sight and smell of the clean sheet and well kept bed and room just couldn't wipe off the worry on our faces. Rumour has it that the authority in Haadyai might open up their dam and release their water at 12 midnite. It would definitely make matters worse..........

in the mean time I tried to get some rest, for tomorrow would be a long day...................

to be continued.......... the aftermath....the cleaning up.....


  1. Hi Zue, really regret read of your present flood problems. But glad to know you all safe and prepared.
    Looks a real bad one this time too.

    I have seen experienced these floods wayyyy back in Johore, Kota Tinggi.....had to do a big circle return by Segamat way.
    And twice in Kota Baru I had to fiord the flood real whitewater across the highway.

    Everyone had stopped, but I decided to try cross the two hundred yards in my car without being swept away. I crossed with hope and prayer and got across.
    A few tried to follow me, but their cars were lighter got swept into the padi field.

    I hope the flood subsides soon as its bringing untold suffering to everyone where you are.
    Hope your house not too badly water damaged, Zue.
    Please stay safe, you and family. Lee.

  2. Zue, I copied your sambal sotong pic. Boleh ka?
    I really love it. Showed my wife. She will cook for me A la Zue, ha ha.
    Okay, outang dua teh tarek lambong tinggi, Lee.