Sunday, November 7, 2010

Doctors orders..... on the verge of power cut....

"We'd like the romantic bouquet just like the one you did before , only that we wanted white roses with different shades of green for the flower fillers"-checked

Afer looking at the samples for the 'bekas' cupcakes , they decided on this one. The sample that I had was gold but not round basket. The round basket I had was in silver coloured. Her request was specific, gold but round and with the same white and greenish brownish flowers for the deco-checked

Everything was ready, I had bought all the ingredients -self raising flour, unsalted butter, eggs, the gold round basket , some crystal like flowers, plain white souffle cup (2.5 oz ) size M, the must have for this order and I planned to make the cupcakes on Thursday because they would be picking them up on Friday, after Jumaat prayer. So far, so good, everything was going as planned. I had just delivered the 20 packs of cookies and one chocolate cake to the nearby school and started on the lunch for us on that Wednesday afternoon., masak lemak cili padi chicken , fried fish and sayur air ( my daughter made it)One hearty lunch, we finished the fish like piranhas! Sedap sangat, semua berebut-rebut......

It was almost three pm when we finished our lunch when suddenly I received a phone call from hubby,

"Ma, they are going to cut off the electrcity soon"


"how soon"

I then saw him coming in through the door and asked him again.

Three 0'clock, he said

Kedah, one of the states in the northern part of peninsular Malaysia was hit by flood. Some of the places had already been innundated with flood water and sooner or later, it would come our way too, it's just a matter of time.

What was I going to do? I had 150 + 8 cupcakes , one set of blueberry cheesetarts and one MCB(Yda's)
to bake.They all should be ready on Friday! I couldn't disappoint them. I said to myself, perhaps the engagement ceremony ( The two doctors' orders) would be postponed due to the worsened condition of the flood as most parts of Kedah was affected. but, wait a minute, they told me that the engagement ceremony would be held in Perak and Perak was not affected by flood.there's no way out of this.What should I do? No supply of clean water, the electricity was about to be cut off. I had a solution for water by buying bottled mineral water but for electricity? Electricity didn't come in bottles!I didn't have the traditional oven which used gas cooker or anything of that kind. My ovens were all electricity powered - batteries not included. perhaps somebody should think of battery operated ovens..haha..wishful thinking....

Size M (2.5oz) plain white souffle cup-checked

vanilla flavoured cupcakes with purple butercream and single white blossom and darker purple dot in the middle-checked.

Looking at the clock again, ten minutes to three on Wednesday, 4th nov 2010. tick tock tick tock, the clock is ticking.

I was determined to make them and hoping and praying that they won't cut off the electricity supply just yet. I started creaming the butter, creaming, beating, mixing, pouring and finally baking. three blocks of unsalted butter was not enough to make the 150 cupcakes, so I started on another batch using two blocks of butter and again while mixing and beating, i kept on praying that, Please Please Ya Allah, listen to my prayer, don't let them cut off the electricity just yet and again my prayer was answered, I managed to complete all 150 + 8 and more cupcakes. PHEW!thank you thank you. alhamdullillah.

blueberry cheesetart-checked

woke up the next morning, thursday and the electricity was still intact.Hopefully they would give us a few more hours and so I thot I could still make the blueberry cheesetart and the MCB for Yda. These blueberry cheesetarts were for Shakira, the lady doctor, I couldn't make it the first time she requested for it and so I would make sure that she got to taste them this time.Let the cream cheese soften at room temperature first . While waiting for that, I decided to go out for a while, to get a few things from 'Rainbow' and to stop by at a bank, so out we went, with both my daughters in our Volks, to experience the flood as suggested by my hubby. The story about our experience was in the entry called "Banjir oh banjir"

After that incident, coming back from the ordeal, I started making the dough for the tart shells while melting the butter on the cooker, brownies mixture done and in it went into the electric oven. What if? What if it went blackout with the brownies in the oven? I had not put on the cheese mixture yet. the 'what if's kept on coming.Oh no, please don't...

After more than one hour, the MCB is done. thank you so much.Alhamdulillah. next, theblueberry cheesetarts and alhamdulillah, they were ready too.

There's one thing left that needed to be done which required the use of electricity too, making the buttercream!I no longer need to use the oven but the mixer. again, I hoped and prayed that I would be able to complete this final task , anything electricity related was completed. phew....double phew!Alhamdulillah, syukur, most grateful. now that was left was to deco the cupcakes.
I had prepared the white blossoms, the roses and fillers days ahead and I had already bought a few boxes of candles just in case I need to deco them in the dark. But again, I was most grateful I managed to complete everything with the elctricity still on.

When my son woke me up on friday morning at 5.30 am telling me that the water level had risen, I continued decorating the cupcakes and by 6.30 am, everything was ready and I smsed the Doctors advising them to pick them up earlier than planned for fear that the water level would keep on rising.
By around 8 am, Dr Shake came and he had to wade through the water which was already up to the ankle and it was raining too!

All in all, I am ever so grateful that I managed to complete everything, got everything as per their request. He likes the deco on the 8 cupcakes for the hantaran. Dr Shakira had to work that day. I'd like to thank both of them for trusting me with the cupcakes for their sister/sisterinlaw's engagement in Perak. Hope everything went well.It was a wonderful, scary wet and gloomy kinda experience. Wonderful for they are both wonderful people, scary, for fear of the electricity being cut off, wet because of the flood water and gloomy because of the rain, but their comments and remarks just brighten and cheer up my gloomy wet day.

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