Sunday, November 7, 2010

while we were sleeping....

Nov 5th 2010, Friday morning,
while we were sleeping, uninvited guest came knocking, subtly, quietly, it slipped from underneath the front gate, slowly coming in into the porch area
Nov 4th 2010, Thursday morning.
the day before,
Nov 5th, around noon

Nov 4th 2010, evening

7 am, Friday, 5th Nov 2010

5.30 am: 5th Nov 2010, Friday, Taman Stadium,
"Ma, air dah naik"
looked out from his balcony, I saw the flood water just ouside our gate, the road was already filled with water.

Should we move our car to higher ground? As suggested by our next door neighbour to my son.
6 am: another neighbour called, to remind us about our car too. Since I was already up, I continued decorating my half finsihed cupcakes., only needed to put the single white blossom on each cupcake.
7 am: almost reached the front door.

from the balcony, there's flood water on the road, just outside our gate.
oh.oh ... this doesn't look too good
By now, everybody was up and we decided to lift the furnitures ( with help from hubby's friend who came over lending the extra hands that were much needed in this situation . thank you Mr M ) up either on chairs or on tables. We braced ourselves for the worst.

The least we could do, we didn't know how high the water level was going to be because we had never experienced flood before, We have stayed in this house, in this neighbourhood for 16 years and alhamdulillah so far, our house and this taman had never been affected by flood before but this time, by the look at the water level, which kept on rising, I think the record wouold be broken and it would be making a new history.

to be continued.........................


  1. Hello Zue, wow! That bad, huh? Here's hoping you all okay, your house too.
    Must be the Sungei overflow its banks....And your area low area?
    Take care, ya!

    Zue, what is the name of that salt fish in that lunch dish you cooked. in my header?
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. Bad but not worse yet. This is the first time in 16 years that we have lived in this area. no, not low area, normally the water wouldn't even reach our front door, let alone coming into thehouse. but this time it went as far as into our dry kitchen from the back. more pictures of thi in my next entry.
    sungai overflows because of the rain, the high tide, the water couldn't flow into the sea, the bad drainage, the opening of dams in perlis, Kedah and Haadyai, they all contribute to this bad flood, the worst ever for Kedahan.
    thanx for your thot and concern Lee dear.
    that was ikan gelama kering, the small one, when you fry them, they will be crunchy, very nice, not too salty, can't cook yet, still no water supply here. craving for salted fish are we?