Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thursday, Nov 4th 2010, Jalan tun Razak

these photos were taken by my hubby and kids on Thursday, evening. I couldn't join them because i had cupcakes to deco ( people were busy with evacuation and you were busy decorating cupcakes? Promises are meant to be kept, not broken unless you are in a state of emergency, no water, no electircity) On this day, our house had already been deprived of the clean water supply but still enjoy the luxury of electricity which, were going to be cut off any minute now )The more reason I need to complete my cupcakes ASAP.

the flood water from the north, from Haadyai, from the dam, from all over, came slowly but surely.... to Alor Star

Cars parked alongside Jalan Tun Razak belonged to the residents whose houses had been innundated with flood water

The pain of seeing these is not the same as the ones actually experiencing it( and as fate has it, we ourselves would soon experience it too)

Batrisyia's school's playground

they might be people who were affected by the flood, or maybe those who just wanted to see what the flood was like ( just like us at that time)

We were told that the flood water might soon be coming our way, Jalan Stadium, sooner or later, it would come knocking at our doors. We just hoped and prayed, it would just come knocking, say hai and bye bye. Joke aside, this is a really serious matter, but what else can we do, we would take the necessary precautionary measures but the rest we leave it to fate. InsyaAllah, we will be protected.
more stories on the flood in my next entry, this time it is the people at Jalan Stadium's turn to share the grief and burden of being the flood's victims , to experience it firsthand..

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