Sunday, November 14, 2010

Post flood orders.....

Thank you Cikgu Salbiah and friends
Merci Datin ADA and a very happy birthday wish to this special lady too on Nov 14.

Arigato Zaidah and friend ( and Kak Baayah)for these chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake

Our sincerest and deepest gratitude to Budin

and Na too.

"Duk wat pe tu? Tengah buat kek ke?
Tengah duk kemas rumah! Rumah masuk air!
I teringin cheesecake you
so, six days after the flood, Zue's Oven is back to normal and this was my first bake post flood.blueberry cheesecake for Puan Normala. Thank you


  1. Hello Zue, hope everything okay with your home and family. I have read about the situation, really bad too.
    Do keep safe, ya.

    I love your cake decor, in some ways reminds me a gate fencing, ha ha, like grills. Love it.
    I guess you sure must have very steady hands to do those lines or what you call it.
    Really nice, Zue. Stay safe, Lee.

  2. Hi Zue, selamat hari raya aidil fitri to you and all at home. Hope all okay. Best wishes, Lee.

  3. dear Lee, my second attempt to reply. wrote quite a lengthy comment this morning and when I entered, poof! it's gone!now, almost 4 pm, just got back from the hospital visiting my MIL, she's recovering five days at a private hospital and now her 9th day at the Hospital Sulatanah Bahiyah.
    Everything's okay now, trying to get back to normal, Zue's Oven fully operational , but still traumatized a bit by the recent flood.
    Thank you for your nice comment re my MCB decor, now that you mentioned it, it does look like grill/gste fence decor, just like what I would have wanted for my grill but didn't ( not yet maybe )
    got to go, cupcakes for weddings and engagement for tomorrow. be visiting you soon, a bit tied up with raya orders.

    you take care, stay warm, Lee