Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's pink, purple and sweet?

pink and purple:- the mini cakes ,
sweet:- the lady who requested this.

I made pink and white deco brownies for her grand daughter's akikah ceremony before and she really took a liking to my brownies and decided to order more this time.

this hantaran set was for her niece.Her request came in two words only : flowers and beautiful. the rest was up to me. She gave me the theme: pink and purple.

brownies with walnut

another deco on the sliced brownies

my interpretation of her flowery and beautiful pink and purple hantaran set

suitable as wedding favours too ( bon bonaires)

two brownies cut into 70 slices packed in individual square transparent casing, nine mini cakes for the hantaran set, a box of six vanila cupcakes for her to enjoy with her family. Thank you Kak Nor ( though she's a Datin but insisted on me not to call her that).such a sweet , soft spoken and humble lady, it was really a pleasure dealing with her. A smile never leaves her face and in fact i could even see the smile when we were on the phone.Both, she and her husband have this sweet and sincere smile which softens any hearts that see them.

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