Monday, November 29, 2010

is this her craving?

there's Ayu Alime and there's Ayu Bt 3 Langgar but this Ayu is different. This is Ayu Titanic. Remember the so called Titanic cake, you jump I jump? she's the one. Browsing in my pondok the other day ,she saw the chocolate moist with the ganache on top and so she smsed me, requesting for one. Belum sempat reply her sms, she called. hmmm.... mesti dah tak sabaq ni, atau ada apa-apa ni........

Adalah tu....... six months already. tahniah ayu and hubby., and thank you. Dia tak mau deco nak plain je tapi tangan ni itchy, nak taruk gak love love merah tu:-)

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