Saturday, November 20, 2010

kak nak kek kahwin dua tingkat......esok.....

This was truly one testing cake, not that it was dificult to make but the time frame given and my state of physical being. i was already on a three day marathon , no, make that many days including the days before raya and the days after raya plus the driving to and from the hospital in between. I was about to put my feet up, to clear the pans and baking equipments away for a while, cleaning my messy kitchen and baking area, after almost finishing my red and white romantic bouquet, when I received the call.

A friend's friend/relative needed a two tiered fondant cutting cake, the design, simple , up to me, only to stick to the theme, maroon and white. She did say sorry that this was a rather last minute order. I asked how last minute was it? when did she want it? Tomorrow!

That sure was a last minute, two tiered and fondant too. I would not mind if it was brownies or marble cheese brownies, or other types of cakes and I would have said yes on the spot. But i was very tired and very sleepy.I didn't feel good about having to turn them down but what she was asking ( on behalf ) was a bit difficult for me to agree. I did have a few ready made flowers for emergency cases such as this but I didn't have any in maroon. It would take sometime for me to make them in such a short notice . to make it worse, the cake ingredients shop was closed and would only open the following day.
with heavy heart, I had to say no

but she insisted , and thinking that, what's a wedding without a wedding cake ( or two), reluctantly I said yes, I couldn't and wouldn't want to disappoint the married couple and especially not my friend. despite the short hours , I did what I could , baked one vanila cake followed by one chocolate cake whilst mixing or rather trying to create a maroon coloured fondant for the filler flowers. Since I couldn't have the maroon flower as the main flower, I decided to use white and to make some filler flowers using maroon fondant.After a few trial and errors, mixing burgundy and red and a bit of purple, i finally got the colour that I wanted

feeling so sleepy, I slept at 12 midnite, still no deco on the cake, hubby woke me up at 3 am reminding me that I had two cakes to finish. Started rolling and covering the cakes with the patterned fondant. slept again at around six am cos i was feeling so knackered and could hardly opened my eyes no more. Woke up again around seven and continued decorating. My friend would be coming over at 12 noon to collect the cakes and I still had not done anything with the deco. 8.0am I had to go out and only came back around 10am. I started decorating the cakes, put ribbons around the cake, and some small pearls on the cakes.At exactly 12 noon, alhamdulillah I managed to complete everything, including decorating the tiers and knife set too.

top tier- chocolate cake with ganache sandwiched in between and for the botom tier, vanila cake wih blueberry fillings in between.

with matching knife set for cake cutting.I hope they have had a nice and beautiful wedding. tired and sleepy I might be but I was glad that I managed to make the cake on time. My friend came at around 1 pm and the minute she left, I locked the door behind me and slumped myself on the sofa in the living room and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....................................nite nite........:-) with happy thoughts, mission accomplished.


  1. Hi Zue, if I kawain again, nak lima tingkat boleh? Atas tiga pokok kelapa, and a woman hiding behind a tree, ha ha.
    Love that cake, so must have taken very steady hands to do that.

    Remind me not to play snooker with you, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  2. Hello Lee!
    if you kahwin again, ( your wish! ), berapa tingkat pun boleh. I could think of so many htings to deco your cake. Just curious, why 'tiga' pokok kelapa, that woman hiding, must b the SYT hiding from Mrs Lee! hehehe.....

    Steady hands or not but do love to play snooker. not good but managed to poke the balls into the holes, mind you....:-)
    keep warm Lee!