Saturday, November 20, 2010

Raya Haji dishes

simple menu for raya morning. Ketupat pulut and rendang ayam - a must , plus spaghetti goreng with "Salam Aidil Adha" MCB
spaghetti goreng with a hint of curry taste

rendang ayam and ketupat pulut, credit goes to my neighbour, kak Pah.

additional oreo chocolate cheesecake and plain bake cheesecake

later in the evening, due to unexplained reason, I made my own version of the chicken rendang, this time match with lemang ( credit goes to the lemang maker, not moi...hehe)

looks like my rendang, boleh tahan. Ameer, my son, siap tambah lagi. digging in for more......
Frankly I am not really good at making rendang, it is really intimidating because I was not sure how much kerisek to put in. that was the only reason why it just turn me off against making rendang.
but that day, I had to, so I braved myself, took out the frozen chicken in my freezer, thawed them in the microwave, whilst peeling ,cutting and blending the other ingredients, shallot, garlic, ginger, tumeric, galangal, lemon grass, dried chillies and fresh red chillies.
threw everything, the blended ingredients, the cleaned chicken, with coconut milk into the deep pan ( kuali ) and left it to simmer for a while. When the gravy started to thicken, I added in salt and brown sugar to taste and then, came the daunting part, to put in the kerisek.I put in 'secukup rasa'.
finally, the shredded daun kunyit . immediately, with the daun kunyit in the kuali, I finally got the rendang aroma in my kitchen. Me! making rendang and it did taste like rendang. hooray! for me! I may be good in making cheesecakes and cupcakes but when it comes to rendang, i still need to get a good chef to show me how.......

perhaps after this I would try to make more rendang, after all they said, practice makes perfect.

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