Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yda's MCB, just before the big flood

there's a story behind each cake and MCB and cupcakes but this time it is extraordinarily special because at the time, we, the people in Kedah were badly hit by the flood, the worst ever, I think.
She's been craving for my MCB for quite some time now but she's working in KL but as she had planned to come back during the Deepavali holiday, she decided to order this. All set, e-mails sent, already agreed that she would be picking this MCB from my house on Friday, the 5th Nov.

Well, that was before the flood hit Jitra, Pumpong, Anak Bukit, Kepala Batas, Bukit Pinang, Hutan Kampung, just to name a few.

On Tuesday night, hubby called, " ma, fill up all the buckets and pails with water, we will be running out of clean water soon cos the Bukit Pinang centre was submerged in water"

Then came another blow, on Wednesday, hubby told me," Ma, they will cut off the electricity for safety precautionary measure."

if no water, you could still buy bottled mineral water, but if no electricity, you surely can't buy electricity in bottles, can you? You can buy candles, yes, but you can't bake your cupcakes and MCB with them, can you? Your oven, won't be functioning, neither would your mixer and chiller, etc.

I had to inform Yda, if the worst scenario hit us , I definitely couldn't make the MCB for her, and thankfully , she understood. Thank you dear.
Woke up on Thursday and the electricity was still on, took out the cream cheese from the chiller to soften it and kept on praying that they would not cut the supply off just yet, not in the middle of the baking, at least wait till I had baked my MCB.

Alhamdulillah, my prayer was answered. The MCB was ready in the afternoon. by evening, I smsed her saying the MCB is ready should she decided to pick it earlier than promised and she did.
The next day, whilst driving out of Alor Star, after lifting all the furnitures to higher levels ( just put them on chair and tables, about two feet above the floor level, just in case )received this sms from her:

"Salam k.zue..mcb 2 sdp sgt..mabeles...1fmly suka,:-)"

Thank you Yda.

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