Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The morning after.......

Saturday, 6th Nov 2010, we came back......again......to see the condition of our house, they said that the water was released last night and it did because from what we saw on the road, on the way back from PMC we drove through Jalan Teluk Wanjah was filled with more water especially the roundabout area. Even , a much higher four wheel drive infront of us contemplated whether he wanted to go thru or to turn back but we had no choice, we had to drive thru because it was the only way to our house, the other route, Lebuhraya Darulaman was much worse.

This was what we saw. Thank Allah for the good weather that day. Sunshine but you'll never know for they said there might be a second wave coming.

whenever a car drove by in front of our house, it would push in the water into our front door

I hope the washing machine and dryer were okay,


after...... we came back in the morning and by the evening, the flood water had receded, but left lot to be done

my dry kitchen was filled with water. While mopping the floor, I saw my butter and cream cheese in the fridge, if I didn't transfer them out fast, they would be spoilt and I thought of my friends who were not affected by the flood and so I called her and thankfully she had a fridge big enough to squeeze my butter and cream cheese into. Thank you Na for allowing them to 'tumpang' your fridge for a while.Taman Nuri, Jalan Dato' Kumbar was spared.

three boxes of mineral water on standby. the clean water was only fully restored on Tuesday. the power supply was turned back on that Saturday evening, but my friend whose power supply which was cut off much earlier still didn't get it back until much later We were lucky that ours was cut off for a short while only, but not the clean water supply

it seems that it just came , decided to drop by when we were out , left its mark and left, very quick, unlike some areas. We were grateful for that.

an indicator of how high the flood water was ( mark on the mineral water box)
We are still trying to adjust our lives back to normal after the ordeal, which was nothing if compared to those staying in Jitra, Sg Baru, and a few other flood affected areas. It may be nothing or considered minimal sufferings but it was quite overwhelming to us, our first experience and hopefully it would be the last ( hopefuly it will not turn into an annual thing).The physical and mental stress that we had to endure,
Our thanx ( heaps and heaps of them ) to all our friends and relatives for their well wishes and doas, by phone, sms, FB, shoutbox, personal visit, helping out with the furnitures, storing my butter and cream cheese, etc, etc, appreciate the support so much.Your thoughtfulness and kind words mean so much . thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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