Saturday, November 6, 2010

graduation Teddy and cookies before the flood

This graduation teddy cupcakes is for a friend's neighbour whose daughter just graduated from one of the univesity here

carrot walnut cupcakes with cream cheese topping and simple fondant deco.

teddy with graduation hat and a scroll is a must

Thank you Nik

Two bags filled with cookies and a box of chocolate cake

20 packs of cookies

chocolate moist cake 9" and more than 1 kg with ganache spread . this cake was meant for a jamuan with her Co-op students but unfortunately on that fated day, last Wednesday, we were shocked by the news that some of the people had been badly affected by the flood. Some of the houses were almost covered with the food water. many had een placed in temporary relief centres. Cikgu Salbiah herself is from Jitra and Jitra had been cut off cmpletely from Alor Star.

a combination of semolina cookies and chocolate chip cookies

Despite that, she still managed to come to schoool. Our area, Kota Setar was still okay on Wednesday, except for a few lower area like Pumpong, Anak Bukit , Kepaa Batas had seen rising flood water levels .
Thank you Cikgu Salbiah and hopefully we will all be patient and 'redha with the happenings bestowed upon us.


  1. Hye :)
    Shakirin here. Thankx for baking those lovely yummy cupcakes. Sayang tau nak makan, sooo pretty :) And thankx to Aunty Nik :)

  2. Hi Zue, I saw your pics of the floods. That bad, huh? Hey, I love your kura kura, ha ha.
    My father had one wayyyy back in the '60s. Love that car. No just goes and goes.
    They fetch a lot of money today for a good one.

    Can't imagine you driving one, ha ha.
    I bet you look real cool with your designer sunglasses.
    Love your Teddy cakes.....Lee.

  3. Salam Shakirin dear, thank you for the lovely comments and congratz on your graduation. Yup, nice Aunty Nik you got as your neighbour

  4. Hello Lee, you ain't seen nothing yet...the flood I mean, we are hit, badly hit, will post photos of our house and taman in water.
    yup we love our kura kura too, a few offerred to buy but sayang to let sure can go, faster than a 'kancil' any day
    always look cool or trying to be cool...hehe....yup in my Gucci sunglasses, rasa macam cikgu pencen pulak drive the old Volks:-)
    one of these days, if you drop by in Alor star, that Teddy cupcake would be yours too, remember that 275 cuppies for moonlight rendesvous gathering, I'll make teddies for you, teddy with a Zippo, Teddy with SYT, teddy in cool Rayban sunglasses, etc..etc... you name it....