Wednesday, November 3, 2010

banjir oh banjir

two 'kura kura' in my 'porch', the cream one is ours, 'JK'@ jiwa kacau and the white one belongs to hubby's friend, which later came to our rescue later today
, it's dry land here, the road infront of our house, who would have thought that there are thousands of people have been evacuated out there, some from Bukit Pinang, Kubang Pasu and even Kota Star, my area, and so I thought I'd bring my Volks out to see for myself ( didn't know what I was getting myself into!)

My first stop was the bank at Jalan Teluk Wanjah, ok, no sign of flood water there, made our second stop at Rainbow for a few things which my daughter needed to do some craftswork with her youngers sister, then I thought , why not, we were already out here, let
us drive along lebuhraya darulaman cos there's where you can see and experience the flood.the first sign of the flood was at the traffic light into the road.oo.oo.... I smell trouble....

so far, so good, only one side of the road is filled with water, mind you I was driving an old Beetle. this is LEbuhraya Darulman, and so I drove my Beetle slowly and carefully ( and silently praying that it will not break down in the middle of the road )

as seen from inside my Beetle

the front view and things didn't look too good, water on my side of the road...hang in there JK, you can do it..... heading towards another traffic light

just look at that water, my heart started pounding heavily....dum...dummm......and suddenly,, came another sound......poooonnnn..pooonnnn..... the horn! the water must have short circuited the wires!

panic stricken, I kept on driving with the horn blaring and I keep on praying that ,please please just let us through

drove towards another traffic light which would lead us back to Jalan Stadium . muzium Negeri on our left ( there's a river behind the museum)

before the traffic light

the sign board showing that the old hospital is ahead of us, which was not where we wanted to go. All I wanted to do now was to go home, .........................

made a U turn at the traffic light instead of taking right towards Jalan Stadium because the road was dry on this side but not could be seen in this picture. Where my Volks was parked, there was no water but look at the houses the flood water I think more than one metre high!

benches in the stadium area

Whatcha doin' girl?Batrisyia refused to pose in front of the camera for fear that she might fall intothe water!

Should I stay or should I go? Should we walk home?and leave my Bettle by the road side? There's water ahead of me and there's also water behind me. I wouldn't dare to drive through the same road which we came just now, for fear that Volks engine might not be able to stand it the second time round, It's quite a long walk home and we would have to wade through the flood water..........

After a few calls , one of hubby's friend who has this four wheel drive, you know, the really big monstrous one came and drove us back home whilst hubby with his White Beetle friend came to drive our cream Beetle back home.

took a short cut through jalan pekan Koboi, this time this picture was taken from inside the 'giant' four wheel drive, I forgot what the model was. We, Batrisyia and I arrived home safely.Thank you Ijan so much for the lift.
A few minutes later "JK" was back with hubby and my other daughter, Tsara', followed by another Volks who gave hubby a lift. thank you Budin.
Quite an experience!This might be a bit funny and scary experience for us but for those who were badly affected by the flood, who had to b evacuated, all forty thousand more of them from Kedah, Perlis and Kelantan, it was a different kind of experience for them. a nightmare I would think, cars, furnitures must have been destroyed in the flood water. I hope and pray that things will get better soon but by the look at the weather outside, it is still gloomy and perhaps more rain to come. we are preparing ourselves too, just in case.. No supply of clean water since yesterday and probably no supply of electircity soon and I am trying to finish off my cupcakes order for tomorrow. there's a reason for everything and we must accept everything as it is with patience a lot of faith


  1. Kak Zue, syukur Alhamdulillah umah saya pun tak naik air..mmg cuak and agak panik la jugak. Simpati sangat to those effected.

    Suka enrty ni esp pasal the JK! :)

  2. Salam Niza, masa ni memang tak naik, wait till u read the new entries, air naik sampai ke dry kitchen!kak zue pun jadi mangsa banjir for the first time, even masa di Kelantan pun tak pernah, duk Alor Staq ni kena, dah rezeki......
    JK ni nasib baik dia tak buat hal dalam air tu, horn dia je but suspen experience gak.....
    alhamdulillah lah your house tak kena, ni belum habis mengemas....