Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wonder Pets cake for Wonder Hickey's 1st birthday

What's gonna work? TEAMWORK'

was the first thing that came to mind when she first told me that she wanted Wonder Pets theme for her son's coming birthday,and I was a bit nervous. One thing I have never made or drawn these characters before, two, I thought they , the characters, guinea pig( I have always thought that it was a hamster until I googled the other day ), duckling and a turtle, would be a bit difficult to draw or to make figurines but I said, InsyaAllah, with God's willing, I'd try.When we met during hari raya, once again we discussed about the cake, whether she wanted it with the H shape or number 1 shaped cake.

Instead of Wonder Pets, it became WOnder HICKEY for the one year old Hickey.only thought of this as I was making the figurines. In fact most of the ideas came during the making and baking of the cake itself. I was rather blur on what to make or to deco despite the ample time given to me.

I only drew this on the day I was going to make the figurines using fondant. why did I make all the deco using fondant? Because I would have to send this cake by bus since I was not able to make it to his birthday party in Puchong. I thought fondant would be better as compared to buttercream. however, I was still feeling nervous for the journey would take about eight hours and can Linny, Ming Ming and Tuck stand the journey, would they be able to stand or sit still on the cake or would they stumble and fall into the small river on the cake board?hehe....

I googled and searched for their images but it wasn't much help. I didn't have a 3D picture of them. Pages and pages of cake decorating books were turned. I turned to Debbie Brown, Maisie Parish, Mich Turner,for inspiration

sama tak? boleh lah kan?

H for Hickey . Chocolate cake, double the usual ingredient, cut into H shaped and fully covered with fondant with ganache spread in between the layers.At first I wanted to put the figurines on the cake board but Batrisyia insisted that I put them on the cake itself. yeah, listen to a six year old kid, they know better.....hehe.....

everytime I finished decorating one part of the cake, I'd say to her,

"Syia, ok tak? nice or not?"

She would look at it closely and said, "Cantik"....and kids don't lie!

apa yang penting? Kerjasama.....

Number 1 candle for One year old Hickey whose birthday falls on 26th October 2010 with three fondant presents from Ming Ming, Linny and Tuck the turtle...hehe....

last minute decision to make the waterfall and the river.This wonder Pets usually goes around saving other animals in trouble but this time they are saving a fish? sounds rather strange for a fish to be in trouble ....... in water! Well, I didn't have enough time to make a horse or any other animal and fish was the easiest:-)

What's gonna work?


their famous motto and phrase.

translated in Bahasa Melayu,

apa yang penting?


just like the team work between Batrisyia and me where she accompanied me throughout the night till five am to finish ( almost ) this cake. I had to finish it the next morning and get it ready for the 11.15 am bus . I definitely couldn't send this cake via courier or poslaju, not with the figurines all over the cake. My best bet was the bus and I'd like to thank Kak Min and her drivers for the TLc given to my cake. I was informed by my sister in law, Hickey's mum that the cake arrived at Hentian Duta safely, in perfect condition, no Ming Ming or Tuck falling off the cake

completed it at around 9 am.The final touch before placing it in the big box, I think this cake weighed between 2 to 3 kg.

Alhamdulillah , my "Wonder Pets/Hickey" cake survived the eight hours journey by bus from Alor Star to Hentian Duta, where it was picked up by my SIL who later brought it back to her place in Puchong and the following day, 30th Oct, was brought to her son's Taska to celebrate it with her friends and Hickey's friends.

Though Aunty zue couldn't make it your party Hickey but Aunty could see you cutting the cake via the video which your mummy loaded in facebook. Happy 1st birthday my cute chubby nephew and may you always be a bundle of joy to your mummy and daddy. you look just like your daddy , my youngest brother, when he was young.

My first figurine cake made its way outside Kedah, safely and thus would be good news to others not staying in Alor Star and who wish to have Zue's Oven 's cakes for their children's birthday party or whatever occasion it may be, InsyaAllah, kalau ada rezeki.

thank you Mimi and Yin for trusting me with Hickey's first birthday cake. It was a pleasure and wonderful experience making it and hope that I'll be making more cakes for his next birthdays too!InsyaAllah.


  1. Hi Zue, ha ha, 'Kids don't lie'. I love that expression.
    And you sure an artist with your cakes. Love this ones.
    I think my birthday instead of candles, I want a sarong lady berkemban beside a coconute tree bila bulan terang. Can ahh?
    Ha ha ha.

    Zue, I will be posting a new cherita and will be using a pic of your cooking as my header attraction. Okay with you, kan?
    Its 8.18pm Tuesday here, you 8.18AM Wed.
    Will post in no hiccups about 2 hours later, 10pm, my time.
    Incidentally the temp da jatuh to 0'c! Quite cool night! Lee.

  2. Hello Lee, sorry took a while to reply, flood victim...sob sob....I think I had replied but as usual sth qrong with the pc and the comment gone, now re-type.
    kids exp Batrisyia's age, don't lie but teenagers, not so sure about that,my first experience with these Wonder 'em too.
    You name it, sarung lady ke, SYT in cheongsam ke, in kebaya ke, beside a coconut tree, in a jacuzi....can.....can.....
    have read that entry and wow, don't they look yummy and delicious, esp that ikan masin......
    keep yourself warm ya, can't wait for the snow, miss those winter days and nights in London........