Thursday, October 7, 2010

blueberry cheesetarts as " buah tangan'

it is a nice gesture to bring ' buah tangan' when you go visiting, it could be anything, from fruits to cakes, to choclate and in this case, blueberry cheesetarts , carefully placed in a box , finished with a simple flowery red ribbon and the ever so soft and sweet pink rose just goes to show how special the host is. ,
it would just warm the heart of the recipient upon receiving this cute, yet tasty and yummilicious blueberry cheesetarts

this is another way of packaging brownies and blueberry cheesetarts as 'buah tangan'. nothing fancy, nothing grand but it is enough to bring a smile to the person receiving it.
Thank you kak Ba'ayah and Areena. the blueberry cheesetart in the pink rose and red ribbon box is for a friend who's hosting the open house.

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