Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rockaby baby........

I was busy with my laptop whilst she was playing on her own besides me, playing with her plasticine and that tiny green dinasour which her brother bought for her. suddenly it was just silence except for the blaring sound from the TV and the clicking of the keyboards and when I looked down, there she was, sleeping soundly and comfortably just like a baby and what was she sleeping on?
A small round box! this was her 'pillow'. she must be pretty tired for she could just dozed off on that box. But when it comes to sleeping, it is so easy for her. If she said, she's sleepy and the next minute, she's already gone to zzzzzzzland without any fuss., oblivious to her surrounding, just like she did when she was just a baby when we went to A Famosa resort with our friends.

March 2004, I had completed my confinement of 44 days and still in my maternity leave and I thought why didn't we go on a holiday because I still had a few more days before the sixty day period was over. so we went to KL and later to Melaka. The place , A famosa Resort was full with people ( it must have been school holidays too at that time) and the noise was quite unbearable with people and music from the loudspeakers. we could hardly hear ourselves talk but this baby.......oh no, It didn't bother her one bit as she continued sleeping, such an angel, and continue to be until today, except for when she's upset about something, there goes the angel and here comes the sulky and grumpy little brat.No, brat is not the word to describe this little girl for she's ever so feminine and sweet and soft spoken ( eerr who does she remind of?......yours truly!.......hehhe...............................:-)

oh well... just a little note on little little thing.

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