Monday, October 4, 2010

PMR is here....

it was called Sijil Rendah Pelajaran ( SRP ) when I took it , let me see, how many years ago, 2010 minus 1980 something.....hehe.....ala....zaman zaman , zaman apa ek? zaman........Lady Diana, the late Princess of Wales dengan rambut kencang 40, zaman Scott Baio, Blue Lagoon, Tiger Beat magazine, Eight is Enough, Remington Steele? zaman Rano Kano for indonesian movies, the reason I know this was my school showed a few Indonesian movies during the weekends at my school. We would lay down ( what did we use to sit on I can't remember!! that goes to show how very old I am!!!)something on the basketball field if the movie was shown outdoor but if they were shown inside our school hall, then we would sit on the chairs.Some of the movies that we watched were James bond movies. Penangkal Ilmu Teloh ( scary.....), Jaws,and many more.

those days were unforgettable, those carefree years, no worries about anything cos everything was provided and prepared for us, our meals , five times a day, from breakfast to lunch, tea, dinner and supper. All we had to go was go to our Y shaped dining hall and bring our empty stomach and going back to classes and dorms with great satisfaction for the food were good and delicious especially the daging masak merah. Well.....not everything was prepared for us, we still have to make our own bed,do our own laundry except for bedlinens, clean our own school shoes, do our own ironing but in a way, it was good. It taught us to be independent.Being far away from home, from mother's cooking, from everybody and everything, but still the experience was beautiful for there, on top of a hill ( small hill ), at Jalan Larkin, room C26, was my second home with many other girls, my age, juniors and seniors.

10.30 off light!
the famous phrase, that was the time when everybody would be busy , busy going to the toilet to brush their teeth, to perform their Isya' prayer and for some ( including me, myself and I ), especially if it was exam time, would make ourselves comfortable along the corridor trying to do last minute reading and studying by using the corridor lights!

The exam was in our great hall, everybody in one hall, unlike what I was told by my daughter that some students would be sitting for their exam in the classrooms and some would be doing it in the hall. I thought their hall was big enough to accomodate all the students taking the exam. Well, who am I to argue the school's decision. But I would think it would be more fun ( not fun as in 'fun fun' , I mean you would feel the exam experience more if everybody is in one big place where silence would surround you and you could even hear a pin drop ( as the saying goes), you could see everybody busy writing, scratching heads, looking up the wall, around

the clock is showing 9.45 am. five more minutes before the second paper starts. The first BM paper was over at 9.10 am.All I can do is here doa. I hope my daughter will do well, and I am sure it is every parents wish and doa that their children will do well, not only for this exam but for any exam , but most importantly we wish them well in everything that they do.

9.50am! you may begin! the invigilator would say at this minute
dub dub! dub dub!
my heart is racing and beating faster than usual. Hey! who is taking the PMR here? you or your daughter?
my daughter, but it is me, it is I , who is a nervous wreck! My daughter is cool and relax. Was this the same feeling that my parents had when I sat for my exam? I don't know. I was miles and miles away from

if you miss the train I am on,
'you wll know that I am gone'
away from home
a hundred miles, a hundred miles,
a hundred miles
away from home

a song which suddenly came to mind, very popular during my younger years

After the exam ( SRP), our teacher arranged a trip for us, a trip to Pantai Timur, overnight at one school in Pahang ( I think ), stopover in Terengganu, saw its beautiful Tanjung Jara Beach and later to Kelantan where we spent the nite at one of the schools there and went to a few interesting places. Oh! that was one wonderful experience! How many of us? all girls, in one bus, which we called 'emporium or disco bergerak' .Why? full of wet clothes hung inside the bus and with music blaring from a cassette player ( no CD then) with songs like " the stars of 45' and with some of us , ( including me? ) dancing to the beat inside the moving bus! It was fun!

I know that it would be fun for my daughter when PMR is over and I guess the first thing that she would do is taking out the comic books that I kept away from her and watching 715 on Astro channel.Thier idea of fun is certainly different from my version of fun, then.

gotta go, have to prepare lunch for her which I would be sending over to her school later. There is still another paper in the afternoon. All the best to my daughter and all the form three students out there.May success be ours and theirs.Amin.


  1. Zue, I kliked in my comment and it went missing.Will be back, Lee.

  2. Hello Zue, tadi I was in a hurry, I think tekan wrong button.
    I enjoyed reading this bring back certain memories to me.
    I remember my sisters used to read those books too....

    Ahhh, exams! How to forget, the worries, studies, burning the midnight candle.....
    But it was fun, kan?
    You have a nice day, Zue, best regards, Lee.