Sunday, October 3, 2010

macam macam rasa.....

chicken tomyam with carrots and cauliflower

fish ( ikan senangin) curry with lady's finger ( that lady sure has quite a long finger that is.....hehe.....)

as usual, ketam masak cili, (looks like the sepit conquered the place)

three easy recipes ( to me, they weren't easy many many years ago, even the easiest chicken curry was so dauntingly difficult to make)

why do I say that they are easy to make?

for chicken tomyam, I just used the paste from a jar.......

simply boil some water in a pan, throw in the chicken ....:-) ( though I'd love to learn how to make it the natural way like my Umi does )

I used one pair of chicken legs ( ie two drumsticks with thighs )
add slices of onions ( half of one onion )and two to three garlics
plus lemon grass one big or two for small ( crushed)
when it boils again, put in the tomyam paste ( secukup rasa), perhaps about two to three tablespoonsfuls

I know , someone did say to me, it's difficult for them to cook when no exact quantity is mentioned in the recipes, they wouldn't know how to estimate accordingly.

that was exactly how I felt when i first started , it was difficult for me to cook 'secukup rasa', I must have the exact ingredients, how many shallots, one or two or ten, I wouldn't know how to guess how much 'secukup rasa' (or 'agak2' / estimate ) is

once the water is boiling again, drop in sliced carrot and cauliflower

followed by daun limau purut, a few cili padi, salt and sugar to taste.

you might want to add in one teaspoon of oyster sauce if you like.

there you go, ready to be served with hot white rice .
I think the other two recipes , fish curry and ketam masak cili are in here somewhere.

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