Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dinner with Chef J

grilled salmon ( marinated with olive oil, basil and oregano ) with grilled button mushroom and potato wedges, prepared by Chef J and his assistant Ameer
spanish omelette - my request for Chef J ...mmm sedapnyer....

my plate, see that small piece of salmon in my plate, I tried but I couldn't finish it, unfortunately for me but fortunate for my hubby and kids, I don't eat salmon, so , more share for them...:-)

deep fried home made wedges

big prawns grilled in the leftover sauce in the hot plate....succulently juicy

thank you Alin who ordered these lasagna

banana cake with walnut for makan2.

simple dinner, prepared by the whole family except for mummy dearest who was busy at the sink:-)
Great dinner!Thanx dear and your assistants,Tsara', Ameer and Batrisyia? for making the dinner for us especially the spanish omelette. Sekali sekala orang masakkan untuk kita ni seronok juger....

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