Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you have a daughter in that school?

Cikgu Samiha came with her sister in law who wanted to order cupcakes for her cousin's wedding.
" Do you have a daughter at the Convent school" her SIL asked,
yes......came the answer with a question mark clearly on my face.
"I thought so cos I saw you sending your kid's lunch just this afternoon at that school".

You taught at my daughter's school?

No, I am invigilating the exam. I was standing in front of the exam hall door

So she was, as I remembered seeing one lady in one baju kurung standing there when I went to my daughter's school that afternoon.
Such a small world!

blue and white hantaran set

vanilla cupcakes with buttercream deco

complete with the decorated box

chocolate cupcakes with ganache and buttercream deco -for makan2.

thank you Cikgu Rusila for these orders and thank you cikgu Samiha for recommending me to your SIL.

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