Saturday, October 9, 2010

It happened so fast.......

Couldn't wait for her to see the final result. I hope she likes this. It is for their raya open house/office and so she ordered one set of mini vanila cupcakes and another set of 36 mini chocolate cupcakes. she requested me to put in the logo and this is what I came up with, she came at noon, as promised, and thankfully she liked it. off they went with her in her car.

"everybody standby, she's going to hit the brake! hold on to something, anything, brace ourselves!" ( the cupcakes must have been saying this at that moment, if they could talk...hehe...........)

but it was too late. The traffic light was yellow and was going to change to red and as she hit the brake, it felt as if the brake was not functioning properly and that was why she had to hit it extra hard and within seconds, all 72 mini cupcakes came plunging forward hitting the box cover, hitting one another, smearing each other with the blue and white buttercream and chocolate ganache!

"ouch! ouch! that hurts! oh...look at you! and look at me! we are all a mess! we can't go to the open house looking like this!"

two survived the ordeal....well....barely.....whilst the rest were badly damaged so to speak.

I was about to finish my lunch and getting ready to start my next deco on the MCB birthday when I received a call from her. I saw her number and was wondering, if everything was okay because she was here less than ten minutes ago.

"Zue, I had to make the sudden and immediate brake at the traffic light and........."

she need not finish her sentence for I knew what could and might have happened.

oh no! my logos, I hope that set wasn't damage or was it?

" I tried to rearrange them back in the box but..........."

'no worries Kak, just bring them over and see if I can fix them',
was all I could say, that was before knowing and seeing the extent of the damage that had been done on the cupcakes.

I summoned my kids," Tsara', Ameer, standby ! We have a mission! Rescue operation! get the OT ready!"
Was this mission impossible? I didn't think so but we had to work fast within the one hour period!

Waited anxiously for her and when I saw the cupcakes, my heart went out to them....oooo my poor babies.......look at all of you! all smeared up and quickly I looked at the vanilla set with the logos, hoping that they were okay, and my heart sank when I saw them, the damage was minimal , thank God it wasn't that bad, not as bad as the chocolate set, but I still need to take the logos out and reapply the buttercream on the cupcakes, cleaned the logo a bit and put them back.Fortunately I didn't have to re-do the logo, I could still use them, and with a little help from my two kids, a few brushes stroke, cleaning the paper cupcs, re apply both the buttercream and ganache, new deco, we managed to salvage the wreck.... and they looked as good as new!. Who would have thought that were involved in some kind of mishap earlier on!



before..... I made pink swirls

after, changed the pink swirls to chocolate rice and choc chip buttons ( tick tock! the clock is ticking! )



Mission impossible! No.Mission is completed . she said that she would come over later, after going back to change her clothes too for it too got smeared with buttercream.....that lovely green baju kurung. i told her that I would sms her once the cuppies were ready and when they did, it was after 4 pm . the open house would start around 4.30 pm and thnakfully hubby dearest volunteered to send them to her office cos I had to start cracking on the next deco which should be ready by 6 pm. thank you D for the offer, appreciate that.
She's fortunate that her office was not far from my house that she could come back and let me repair them for her and she's fortunate that her house was not far from her office either for she could go back back and change into another dress. She's my neighbour, my ever supportive and loyal customer and friend and neighbour.
It was a nightmare for her for a while seeing the damaged cupcakes, the same feeling I had when I dropped my set of cupcakes in 2008. It wasn't the brake, there was no traffic light. I had reached my destination for I was about to deliver the set to one of my customer's clients. I had parked the car, turned off the engine and I was going out of the car with the cupcakes in one hand and I guess my balancing act wasn't good enough or did I stumble on something? I couldn't really remember how it happened but all I knew was that the cupcakes were toppled and jumbled and smeared and damaged and I couldn't possible deliver them !
Anyway, what I am saying is, things happen and they happened for a reason. We just have to accept the fate. It is already written that on that date and time, that I had to re-do them.We can try to be careful, extra cautious, but that split second, that moment in time, nobody or no one could change it .
having said that, my deepest gratitude to Kak Ba'ayah for her everlasting and continuous support to my passion, hope the open house event went well. i heard that it was a blast, didn't end until after dark.
She came later , returning the cupcakes tiers and told me that everybody was busy snapping photos of the cupcakes with their company logo. little did they knew the story behind it.All's well that ends well.


  1. Hi Zue, talk about mission impossible!
    I can see you awoman who don't panic easily. Good for you and I sure am impressed you did up or repaired the cakes like just from the oven...Holy Smoke!
    Other people da tentu lintang pukang, kelam kabote, ha ha.

    Love your humour, Zue....and I love women who don't panic easily.
    By the way, if you through doing repairs and free few minutes, drop by my pondok.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  2. It's good to have you visiting!like rays of sunshine coming through the window brightening and cheering everything inside.
    I was glad that they were repairable and thanx to my kids. I couldn't have done it without them, within the limited time period.
    and surprisingly hubby dearest too who volunteered to deliver them. He normally wouldn't want anything ( physical )to do with my cakes, though he gives his 200% support, morally and financially.
    My motto during my secondary school years, Act cool, stay cool and be panic is something that I tried not to be.
    Sure will go visiting soon. Have a nice Monday Lee!

  3. I had to refund for most of the cakes that did not make it to the venue Zue. Even when it wasnt me driving them there. Kalu cupcakes boleh repair, kalau wedding cakes, it would take longer time to do so, sometimes the wedding cakes dh beratus2 km drp kita, mcm mana kita nak pergi amik bawak balik repair. So they insist to have a refund, coz they are too distraught and needed to buy new cakes. But they get to keep the collapsed cake or the not satisfactory cakes to their eyes.

    I need to make a disclaimer now, that the moment the cake leaves my place, segala kerosakan ditanggung pihak customers. How come everytime I hantar the cakes ok jer, tak der rosak. But bila org lain tolong ambilkan or tolong hantarkan something is bound to happen. I have refunded dlm ribuan ringgit Zue. Sebab malas nak face customer yg bengkeng2 and put me down.

    But the saddest part is when they demand refund and when they tend to blame the baker for not making the cake strong enough. If it was to be any stronger, it would have been made out of concrete says my husband hehehehe.

    Tak per zue, memang dh byk tu jer rezeki kan. Itu pun alhamdulillah ada jugak Allah nak bagi kat I drp langsung tak der.

  4. Salam Wiz, it's good to hear from you and so sorry to hear what had happened to you . I don't think it was fair or right of them to demand a refund from you . 'you are right once it leaves your place,by right like you said, segala kerosakan patut ditanggung oleh customers, cuba kalau kita beli kat kedai, i am sure the kedai ,like SR pun takkan dia nak refund kan duit tu kan? As in my case, she's one of my dearest and loyalest customer and thankfully hari tu pun I wasn't too tied up, some more cupcakes masih boleh disalvage. kalau my kids tak help out mungkin tak sempat. lagipun she insisted to pay for the xtra charge,kalau dapat customer yang memahami macam dia okay lah, I did charge but very minimal, just untuk bagi upah kat my kids je.
    ya lohr, kalu nak strong ambbik faux cake la kan. takpe la Wiz, banyakkan bersabar, insyaAllah rezeki tu ada untuk anak2 kita.yang penting nawaitu kita. don't let them put you down , by the way, are you free this weekend, I might be going to cheras and if possible would love to meet up.with , the one and only wiz.take care you....