Sunday, October 24, 2010

Manik vs chocolate mousse......................

What's with the beads, thread, needle and swiss army knife?

Are we in the right blog, cekmekzue's blog with cakes and cupcakes, cookies and brownies, hampers and paperbags?,

if in the old days, when there's a slight error with the programme on TV, a fat cartoon man wearing glasses would be seen trying to fix it or swith on the channel , then came a message, " RANCANGAN TERGENDALA SEBENTAR'. please do not change your channel.

There's nothing wrong with this blog either, this is still cekmekzue's blog, the only difference is, it's not about cakes today. Let's take a break from sugar and flour and cream cheese for a while

I was going through my clothes in the closet and saw that there's nothing new to wear, after all, I don't really need new clothes at the moment, and then I saw this purple baju kurung, with the needle still attached to the sleeve. It has been there for the past two years!

two years!!! the needle is now a bit rusty. the beads were sewn halfway. Actually I see it everyday, and I just had to leave it hanging there for I am too pre-occupied with my cakes and that was the reason why it had been left abandoned for the past two years.Actually before venturing into cakes and cupcakes I started with the beads on my baju kurung for they are a bit pricey if you ask the tailor to do them for you and I do understand why . It is such a tedious and painstakingly torturing thing to do ( but not for those who love doing them cos everybody's interest and passion differ) my passion could be the other person's nightmare and vice versa!

Bead sewing and cake decorating are some form of art and there is no fixed value you can put on them. Only those who can truly appreciate the beauty, the intricateness, the creativity involved in making it can truly understand why they are priced as such.

Chocolate mousse.( without the cream )

What's the connection betwen beads and sewings and chocolate mousse?

As I was sewing the beads one by one , my daughter who was sitting in front of me, drinking her Milo,asked me :

"Ma, are you making any cakes tonite?"


"no order?"

yup, not tonite though

and I saw that smile, that meaningful smile

i know that smile and I can read her mind and could have guesed where this conversation is leading to.

Mama , can you make me that chocolate mousse

gotcha! I knew she was going to say that.And I did owe her, months ago. I had been busy
and i always said to her, when mumy is free, when there's no order, Mummy will make the chocolate mousse for her

Today is the day, no more excuses. As soon as mummy finishes with the sewing, mummy will make it for you.but first you need to take out the unsalted butter from the chiller.
but before that mummy has to finish this , it's been sitting there too long

Projek terbengkalai : dua tahun lepas.jarum pun masih lekat di lengan baju

it took me about five hours to complete the unfinished sleeve. whatI had left abandoned for the past two years was completed within five hours, uninterrupted. It's just a simple deco, scattered beads along the sleeve end.

yeay! yahoo! hooray!
I did it!

( a note and reminder to me: to try to make baju kurung or dresses for Batrisyia, the fabric is sitting in the cupboard for as long as I could remember) the sewing machine which hubby bought me is staring at me everyday, only used it twice since we bought it, that's just to sew a straight line on my kain sarung write this down in my 'To Do' list, along with ' make chocolate eclairs, make trifle, perform Haj, Tsara's doctor's appointment, design for the new place, ( a new project that I am working on) and the list goes on and on......

my earlier project. I did this one way before I started my cake deco thingy....

not as nice as the experts' but okay for me......

and this one too.................

my first attempt

That's it. At the moment I have to focus on two more important things to do which are cake related. Beads would be shelved until I find another suitable day to start again.
As I am writing this, I am enjoying the choclate mousse with cream with my daughter Batrisyia who finally gets her wish.The bitter sweet chocolate just melts in the mouth with the cream. It is just pure indulgence, sinfully rich, chocolatey and creamy, it is my all time favourite , chocolate is something I cannnot do without.
I think I am going downstairs to get another one......see ya....


  1. Hi Zue, now thats what I call a real lady! Not only can cook, bake, but ada own sewing box.
    Old days I used to jerk off a button off my shirt, purposely bila on 3rd date, just to test whether SYT can sew?

    Most asked their sisters or mother. Only one, guess who? She went upstairs and took down a nice box of needles, threads, you name it...and sewed it back on my shirt.
    Can cook, can bake, can sew.....PASSED with flying colours.
    Just like you.

    Hmmmm, pity my safari days missed Alor Star due heavy commitments in Penang side, ha ha ha.
    Hey, I love your pastel material colours. Nak buat tu sarong kebaya, with the 2 side slits, bila jalan nampak glimpses of shapely ankles?

    Itu la dia! Bila ready send telegram......ha ha.
    Have fun, Zue....your hubby sure one lucky man, ada Gold medal for a wife.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  2. morning Lee!
    you sure went all the way to test the SYTs, and only one? out of so many?tsk tsk tsk......sewing back loose buttons, is my middle name.....hehe...... can lah sew a little a little only, I would definitely have passed if I were the SYT then.....wink..wink
    actually I had replied yesterday but when I pressed the enter key, poof! it's gone! so I am re-writing this
    I would make a point to start on my daughter's baju one of these days but sure wouldn't know when that one of these days would own baju, I'll leave them to the experts
    Your missus, one lucky lady too and so are you.
    Where to find someone who can cook, bake, and sew, great sense of humour, funny, a body to die for, ..okay okay, enough about u there.
    I sure am a lucky woman, to have him as my hubby as him ,me , i hope.An architect by profession, a wonderful, caring and responsible man by nature, always makes one sees two moons.
    Today is going to be a tight day, two orders of cupcakes with two different themes to make.Better get Katrina to stand by, hubby is going outstation again, could use an extra pair of hands around the house.hehe....
    have a happy day...and night!