Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All the best...for SPM

SPM or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia is one of the biggest exams taken by the students here, the others being STPM, SRP or now PMR .SPM is for the Form Five students

four chocolate cakes for the fifth formers of her school.

Plain bake cheesecake for them too.
Thank you Cikgu Salbiah for these orders and wishing all your form five students the best of luck for their coming exam.


  1. Hello Zue, siapa ni 'good luck for'? Can't be me as already married.
    Zue, you lagi mana study these outstanding culinary baking skills? Harvard? Oxford? Or Swiss Finishing school?

    You know, apart from Nyonyas pakai sarong and that war paint on their cheeks, I have not met many Chinese women baking cakes like you as well many others in the blogs I visit.

    As well, yours has that special ingredient called, 'sayang'....can see from your cakes your TLC making them.
    Waaa, if I were to trade in for a new wife, must get you make a 7 tier wedding cake, need a parang to potong too, ha ha.

    Zue, you know, my wife long ago when first met me, she asked her friends about me. And hearing I was dating Malay maidens, she knew she had to fight kwali with kwali, ha ha.
    So she got her Nyonya friend, as well Malay office friends give her intensive Malay style cooking....

    Hah! Nasib dia baik, or else today my wife a lovely Indon or Malay lady, arhaaaa ha ha.
    Have a nice day.
    Need help to cook, you know who to call, Lee.

  2. Morning Lee!forgot, night Lee! it's nine am here and 9 pm there!
    looks like another translation is needed here:-) SPM stands for Sijil PElajaran Malaysia. I think your time it was called MCE, the important exam for the fifth formers.
    Where did I learn my baking? I wish I could say yes to all those or rather yes to s school in France. Have you read my entry labelled " article in the STAR'. Whenever you are free, can click there and you will know where , when and how I started this baking and cake decorating thingy..

    most of them I learned from books and TVs and some of the time I went to a few classes( only recently), learning the proper techniques because I first made my roses the youtube way!most of the time, trial and error and most importantly, like you said, I made it with TLC.

    no more wedding cakes for you dear but anniversary cakes many tingkat? how many years of marriage, one tier for each year...WHOA! so tall one, you'll need a ladder to cut , no I'll need the ladder to assemble the cakes

    When I got married, I wasn't much of a cook and I could say that I still am not much of a cook. , but enough to feed three hungry kids and one husband.And I am still trying to learn more new dishes, but I am grateful and thankful, at least I do know how to cook with a little help from my friend during my University days and the recipe books.

    Your wife is one determined lady cos she knew that you'd be a good 'catch', once hooked, she'd never want to let you go and I guess it works both ways.
    one question for you Lee, is Katrina really your maid, honestly, can you reaaaallly do your work with her washing your clothes looking like that.

    Feel free to read my entry on the 'potluck gathering' which I did my demo on that lady in red , in the mean time I have to start on the vanilla cupcakes with pink and white roses for my customer and making breakfast at the same time, and doing the laundry too.......S.O.S! please send Katrina over A.S.A.P. to help me with the housework,hehe....... hubby dearest is outstation , so it'd be a safe ground, no UFO flying around....:-)
    it's always good to have you come visiting, there's a plain baked cheesecake in the chiller if yo do come visit next. I might make that chocolate mousse that I had been promising my Batrisyia.
    I'll have both chocolate mousse and cheesecake ready for you for your next visit, till then, have a beautiful Autumn weekend , if only I could see those fiery Autumn leaves in person.....only in my dreams .....take care....

  3. Hi Zue, ahhh, sekarang saya da faham re that 'SPM'. Ya la, my time was called, 'Form 3' or whatever.
    One very good thing apart from your cake making skills is your photography.
    A lot of ladies pun ada bake nice cakes, but the pics they took rather blurry or kechik, doesn't show well.

    Tapa, I know where I can always get nice ones, *wink*.

    Okay, will check out what you mentioned re the 'Lady in red'.
    I used to have a visitor calling herself that about 8 months ago. Da la MIA now.

    Waachocolate mousse cake? Ada iced coffee? Oops, regret cheese not on top of my cake list to eat...I will, but just to be polite, ha ha, but will not go overboard.

    Canada is waiting for the way, hotels cost a lot of money, but I can get very cheap accommodation, about $70, in a College Residence, as good or not better than lima Bintang hotel.You have a nice day, stay young, Lee.
    ps, drop by when free.

  4. Lee dear, you are always ever so kind with words. I am using Canon EOS to shoot my cakes, all I did was snap snap....voila got my cake pictures.My father is a photographer, well used to be now he has retired from taking pohotos.
    I forgot, you are the cheese person, unfortunately...
    Canada has to wait.....not yet anyway, I can alwyas visit Canada in your pondok

    You too, stay cool..