Wednesday, October 27, 2010

jirang ( slang trengganu) ( neighbours)

A week ago, I received the phone call, an enquiry on my cupcakes,, then followed by an e-mail with the deco and design to be made on the cuppies. Based on the sample, i sketched on my sketch book and tried to make it as close or as similar to the given sample.

birhtday surprise from one friend to another. Ejad called from Penang but he will come to collect the cuppies himself.Jad came with Ayie, his colleague. from our telephone conversation I had guessed that he must be from Trengganu, the slang is there but I didn't say anything about it until the day we met face to face. Both of them, Jad and Ayie are my neighbours.....jirang rupanyer.state neighbours, Kelate and Trengganu.Terus keluar my kelate slang . Rupa-rupanya Jad and Ayie ni kawan Yon(Pamela) the lady whom I delivered the carrot cuppies last September on her birthday, a birthday surprise from her sister in Sabah.

no wonder Jad wanted me to make this deco, this is what he does, his line of profession, memang sesuai , to someone as sweet and as nice as him and his friend Ayie. Kak Zue doakan both Jad and Ayie and your friends berjaya dalam practical and exam nanti

I had just received an sms from Jad while waiting for my chocolate cake to cool before I can decorate it with the Wonder Pets figurines:

" TQ kak Zue.Epy ska sgt dpat cuppies 2. Dia tkejut bgun tido tgok cuppies 2, Dia kata syang nk makan.
Yon puji sedap cuppies choc 2. TQ Kak Zue. Its worth it".
I sincerely am happy with his wish and doa too:
Hope in future ur business will obtain more sucess. Keep on bringing d joy 2 others..:)
thank you Jad, for trusting me with your friend's birthday cuppies and for the wish and doa.
Wish you well too..


  1. awesomeness!

    ur products always superb kak zue
    the choc cake was good!i like

  2. Hi Zue, Holy Smoke! You're an artist too?
    This like an architect must have drawings first, huh?

    Okay, one of these days I'll place an order for 275 'cuppies'....
    to have a blue moon, stars, 3 palm trees and tide coming in. Boleh kan?

    Oh ya, add a small perahu or boat with fisherman throwing net into the sea, and add a kerosene lamp hanging on the mast.

    Satu lagi, add a small Canadian flag too.
    Ha ha ha.
    Have fun, Zue, stay young, Lee.

  3. Oh ya, you might be thinking why 275? Just in case duit drop from Heaven and saya balek kampong, go Penang, I throw big party at E&O, invite all my blogger friends...include you as guest of honour...

    And mesti la ada style, kan? Reputation at stake sini.
    What better than give a 'Moonlight Rendezvous' cuppies? Ha ha. Lee.

  4. Hello Yon! good to have u here in my little kitchen. How have u been? good I hope. Happy belated birthday dear.thanx for the nice words on my choc cupcake. nice and sweet friends you have there. Take care!

  5. Hello Lee!
    me an artist? a litle a little only meh. hubby an architect, must be influenced by him. Actually love drawing since small. I drew a few characters from the BEANO book, the teacher from the Bash Street Kids, Smiffy, etc..unfortunately dunno where the drawings are
    look forward to making that 275 cuppies, on those cuppies, besides the fishermen, the boat, the moon and star, there's a bloke leaning against a coconut tree, lighting up a Lucky Stike with his Zippo, vey macho like...hehe....whispering sweet words to the SYT in a curvaceous kebaya and long slit sarung with a selendang barely covering her long silky smooth hair...hmmmm I wonder who that bloke is......:-)....somewhere along the beach in Pantai timur......

  6. Lucky Strike, typo error.look forward to that day too, bloggers friends gathering or Moonlight Rendesvous friends, at E&O, guest of honour is yours truly lah kan...hope that day will be soon.....I'll start on the sketch soon.....can't wait.....:-) not forgetting the Canada flag too, guess Katrina is coming to help me with the 275 cuppies...wink wink....