Thursday, October 14, 2010

off they went to Tanjung Malim

Just wanted something simple with a message "SELAMAT BERTUNANG"
The colour is light purple
very simple, minimal two tone purple and white, with cut out blossom fondant

Thank you Fieza, have a safe trip to Tanjung Malim and wish your anak buah Selamat bertunang dengan orang 'dagang Pak Malau'......


  1. Hello Zue, love these purple cakes.
    Plese x'cuse ya, but you know la my rusty bahasa, but 'bertunang' means bonchet or pregnant?

    That word ada ring small locheng in my head, I remember 'bersanding, bersaling'. but ni 'bertunang'....alamak, tu la, da lepas Batu 65 otak da kering, ha ha.
    Have a nice day Zue, Lee.

  2. hello Lee! bertunang is ' getting engaged'lah....:-) .you kelakar lah.....
    pregnant is 'mengandung'
    'bersalin' is 'giving birth'.
    that concludes our bahasa lesson for today....hehe......

  3. Oh my! These looks fabulous! Of course, I'm loving the different shades of purple.

  4. Hello Art and Appetite,
    thanx for dropping by my blog and for the fabulous comment.they are sweet, aren't they, the different shades of purple. visited your blog, hey would love to win those books, i'll write in my guess later and hope I can win them .
    have a nice day!

  5. Hello Zue, terima kaseh for the lesen bahasa, ha ha.
    Holy Smoke! 'ENGAGED'! Ya la! Itu la dia!
    Ahhh, but excusable kan, my bahasa sebelum Merdeka, before your mom met your dad too. Araaaa ha ha.
    That 'mengandung'.....ohhh I see. At first thought tepong gandung.

    You busy? A lot of orders? At this rate must employ people.

    Hey I got good idea, my Katrina is available....just whistle I send her over.
    I'm sure your hubby will be very appreciative you have help, kan?
    Ha ha ha.
    Okay saya chabut before I get a UFO flying in my direction, Have fun, Lee.
    Ps You make pumpkin cakes? Senang datang....

  6. Anytime Lee, any more malay words to be translated, you know who to call....hehe....
    now, not too busy unlike during the festive time. Employ people? not at the moment, I can afford to pay me only......

    I just came back this morning ( and still feeling kinda fatigue from the journey)from a 'potluck' gathering and my 'teacher' the host requested me to be one of the six people to perform a demo to the guests ( his students , I am one of them ). I'll post the entry sometime later but it was a shaking but sweet experience, talking and painting in front of more than 30 people including a few sugar artists experts.

    Katrina...that sexy voluptuous bombshell washing clothes in just her sarung and spaghetti string camisole..... ? you gotta be kidding me....i think it won't just be the UFO flying ....but then again, I, me myself and I can be that Katrina....if you know what I mean........

    I'll leave you with that thought...:-)

    pumpkin cakes? we'll see about that

  7. Hi Zue, HOLY SMOKE! WhoooooHOOOO! I love that last sentence!
    Hold on, I'm coming....YeeeeeeeHAAAAAAA! That is a Canadian happinessss call, ha ha.

    Waaa, make cakes in sarong a la Katrina style. Itu la dia....
    Then the husbands will come and collect the cakes, not the wives.
    Lagi pun give extra tips, ha ha ha.
    Zue, love women with lively humour, makes my day.
    Have fun and stay easy, Lee.