Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey, what's cooking.....

clockwise: fried tenggiri with salted gelama, ayam masak minangkabau, sweet and spicy crab. spinach and sambal belacan with cucumber, today's lunch. same old same old..... but as delicious as usual.....

I don't cook like this daily, once in a while, sometimes when I have run out of ideas on what to cook, I would just cook almost the same dish over and over again, fortunately not so much complaints( they'd better not.....hehe....).kalau dah tak dak moood sangat or dah tak larat sangat, we know who to call, the 1-800 numbers for delivery......

ayam masak minangkabau, if no idea what to cook but I want something with thick gravy, not too hot , just nice with cumin, fennel seed, coriander, smell and taste, this is it, home blend mixture, not Adabi, not Babas, not alagappa but Zue's ( resepi masa sekolah menengah)

if there's curry like dish, I must have salted fish/ikan masin. the fried tenggiri is for my daughter but today she chose to eat the roti jala which I bought this morning

a must have for hubby, sambal belacan and today with cucumber cos don't have other ulams, if not, can have the sambal belacan with petai rebus, kacang kelisa, ulam raja, and all kinds of ulam-ulaman. this sambal belacan goes very well with the ayam masak minangkabau.

Sayur bayam, my umi's version, very simple, garlic, and shallot and balck pepper. I like.... I am not a veggie person but this bayam, I like....

Popeye's main dish......Popeye the sailor man, tut tut......

the usual, ketam masak cili ( and tomato sauce and oyster sauce ) but the aromatic smell of lemon grass and curry leaves with butter was the highlight of this dish.

this is the lasagna that we had for dinner last night. I was rather flat, from lack of sleep, slept at five am finishing the Wonder Pet's cake, we already had mee curry for brunch and I had no idea what to cook for dinner. Asked my son what he'd like for dinner and he said 'lasagna', so lasagna it is.


  1. ZUE! Where were you when I was handing out my resume?
    Holy Smoke!
    I love your cooking, I love that salted gelama and fried ikan tenggiri, that ayam kerbau and that sambal belachan.
    That bayam soup looks out of this world.

    And Zue, I have copied all the pics, really sharp and so clear sikit lagi I took a sppon to try the soup, ha ha.
    And the fried fis, salt fish so clear, I feel like put in my mouth.
    Betyl sedap best all.

    Pity a lot of blogger ladies put up their food and cakes but pics not sharp or blurrish. Yours are THE BEST!

    How did I miss you, I don't know! Arhaaaa ha ha.
    A woman who can cook like this? They sure don't grow on trees.
    I knew I should have married a Malay woman, ha ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Zue....
    Ingat bila you jemput me for dinner....tengok la, saya not shy one, ha cook that fried fish and salt fish

    Zue, how much that salt fish cost? How many in a bag? Just curious.
    I used to beli from Kuantan ikan kurau salt fish.
    And especially that ikan sepat salt fish.....Holy Smoke! I miss that. With chillie sauce? Habis cherita! Lee.

  2. lee, you were saying?
    Where was I? hmmmm... let me see....if you got married in your thirties, I might still be in my primary school or maybe early secondary:-)
    that gelama has always been my favourite, the small ones or "gelama belah", (the big ones). nowadays try not too fry them , kalau tidak mesti tambah nasi berpinggan-pinggan. b4 I forget, not sure how much but I am pretty sure, not much, perhaps less than RM5 for more than 10 pieces I suppose.
    funny lah you, not ayam kerbau lah ayam minangkabau i know it's a bit of a mouthful for a Canadian with before merdeka bahasa to are therefore forgiven:-)
    I am not veggie lover but i certainly like that bayam, and that's the only version I know, my umi's version.
    re my sharp you said that all the girls....:-)Actually i don't really have the techniques or the skills when it comes to photography but perhaps it's the camera, the canon EOS that maks the pictures ever so sharp
    we sure don't grow on trees but I did a lot of climbing when I was young, which some people find it hard to believe.the same thing with when I told them that I was in the 4X400 metres in my school house team.
    You'll know never how your life might end up if you married a Malay woman then, you might not even be in Canada, things happen for a reason and there must be a pretty good reason why you didn't marry a Malay woman then. and that pretty good reason comes in a form of a chinese lady who can cook, sew, dance and able to stand your constant flirtatious and charming behaviour towards SYTs....right?
    don't forget that "Moonlight Rendesvous ' gathering , tonight's dinner most probably daging masak dendeng and sambal tumis kerang. Just wait for the wind to bring the aroma to Ontario....
    don't forget to read my comment about the 275 cuppies in the previous entry whenever you come visiting. Meanwhile, do drop by for tea, there's some carrot walnut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.oops I forgot, you are not much of a cheese person....

    till then , it's 2.30 pm here, so mimpi yang indah2 over there at 2.30 am!