Wednesday, October 13, 2010


so to speak.....merdeka from PMR for my daughter.....see that grin on her face, smiling from ear to ear , almost....

her last day , last Thursday, October 11th,of the exam. she is not the only one who could breathe sigh of relief, this other person who is a nervous wreck too though it wasn't her sitting for the exam could also smile from ear to ear too, me!

Suddenly the fever is gone, no more butterflies flying or summersaulting in my stomach, for a brief moment, I can cool down, I can breathe easy. For a brief few months, I can do my other chores , bake and deco my cakes and cupcakes, look for ideas for my next projects which I have up my sleeves, thinking of the cake for my brother's wedding in December, thinking of buying and making the dress for the occasion ( a good excuse to make new attires for the wedding )without the slightest worry.

The PMR result? well, we will cross the bridge when we reach it. For the time being, let's not worry about it yet. I haven't seen the bridge yet so, let's enjoy and live the moment. But I will not stop praying that she will do well.

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