Saturday, July 18, 2009

one for me and one for MIL

one set of these blueberry cheesetart for me and the other set for my MIL...a thotful daughter in law.

I finally got to meet her in person, the person who sent her heart in the black and white box early this month for her hubby's surprise birthday cupcakes.

She's Hani, as sweet as honey..she has a three month old baby and I'm sure the baby is as cute as both the parents are. Hani and Acubik, a beautiful couple.

When she told me that she left her three month old baby here in Alor Star with her mum, i told her my story with my first baby.It was the year 1995, I got this job which requires me to do the training in Bukit Mertajam for three months before they opened up the branch in Alor Star and so off I went to Bukit Mertajam, leaving my hubby in Alor Star and our daughter under his mother's care. came back once a week and it was a really beautiful moment everytime I came to take her for the weekend from my mother in law.
But when my daughter was to turn six months old, I travelled daily from Alor Star to Bukit Mertajam. Why? Because they said that when a baby is six months old, she would begin to recognise her mother and if I didn't see her everyday, she might not recognise me and I didn't want that to happen so that was the sacrifice I had to make. Waking up very early in the morning to take the 7 o'clock bus cos the journey took me about one hour and I was the first, well ,maybe one of the first to punch out to catch the earliest bus back to Alor Star to see my babies, small baby and BIG baby....

I was just sharing my experience with Hani. Now my little baby is all grown to be a big and tall ( much bigger and taller than her Mama), fourteen year old girl.

So nice meeting you Hani , hope you will enjoy the blueberry cheesetart with your family and hope you will have a beautiful moment with your hubby and baby this weekend.


  1. thanks a lots kak zue,4 ur nice cheese tart.....

  2. pasnie i nk order laaaaaaagi byk!!!!!!huhuhuhuhu!!

  3. yuyu ni hani ke....
    you are most welcome...

    boleh saja.....