Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friendship and Love and Elmo

When I first received the telephone call, I thot I heard "Friendship and Love and "Ilmu". so I started looking for images to reperesent these theme. For Ilmu or knowledge, I thought of books, universities, scrolls, graduations, etc, until I received an sms from the caller, specifically requesting the flavour, the quantity and the theme. It was then I realised and found out that it was not "Ilmu" but "Elmo"...funny huh.....

From now on, I guess all orders must either be thru sms or e-mails, ie in black and white, to avoid confusions like this one.

And they are to be individually packed.

The friendship and love theme. I hope I got it right.
thanx Najwa for this order. Hope you and your friends enjoyed the cupcakes.

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