Monday, February 2, 2009

Butterfly choc cake and " Mengaji is fun " vanilla cuppies

baked this chocolate cake last night for my office mate for her daughter's 2nd birthday. Her daughter's name is Batrisyia too, only that hers is 2 on 02.02.09 and mine is 5 on 21.01.09. she requested butterflies and ladybirds on the cake and this is what I could come up with. I hope she likes it. I've seen in a book somewhere how they made the chocolate leaf and i tried that technique for this cake for i couldn't draw a butterfly on a cake covered with ganache, or can I?

Just made vanilla cuppies for a very sweet young lady who only smsed to me this evening saying that she wanted the cuppies just like the one that she ordered for her hubby's birthday last November but this time it's just for 'makan-makan" and she wanted this for tomorrow. Since i have all the ingredients and I am only making oreo choc cheesecake tonite ,I guess I will not disappoint her.I hope she likes the simple design

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