Thursday, February 12, 2009

cakes and cupcakes for customer's office's Raya open house

vanilla magnolia cupcakes with yellow swirl on cake stand
The one and only, the Oreo choc cheesecake, with oreo base,and choc cream with cream cheese , topped with grated choc and sprinkled with cocoa powder

plain bake cheesecake with Marie biscuit as base

chocolate cake simply topped with ganache

another cheesecake with cream and cherries for deco

Vanilla magnolia cupcakes with ketupat design on cupcake tiers.

Readers Digest Choc cake, yup, that’s right, that’s where I got the recipe from, most complicated, layered with sponge, meringue, choc mousse and finally ganache., with buttercream writing " Selamat Hari Raya"

Almond & hazelnut gateau ( my first attempt, recipe from Chocolate Box Collection. ), thanx to hubby for the book.

Patiently waiting to be picked up for the raya open house for customer's office last Raya festival.

From left; front row oreo chocolate cheesecake, chocolate cake and plain bake cheesecake

second row: choc cake, plain bake cheesecake, plain bake cheesecake with cherries and cream and RD choc cake

back row:vanilla magnolia cupcakes with yellow swirl on cake stand, almond and hazelnut gateau, vanilla magnolia cupcakes on cupcake tiers and chocolate cake.
Thank you for trusting me to make these cakes, it's been a pleasure. Actually they ordered cakes only, the cupcakes are compliments from Zue's Oven.

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