Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yellow roses Birthday cake for another Mum

the three out of six yellow roses
The world is full of beautiful , loving and caring children and this Mother or Mak, the recipient of this chocolate cake has one of them. This fortunate Mum 's sweet young daughter wanted the cake just like the one I made earlier , remember the three red roses with chocolate curls?. The only difference is she wanted it square instead of round and I decided to use yellow instead of red for the roses and added three more roses. Every time I made these Birthday cakes for mothers, I always remember my Umi and I haven't made any for her yet cos she lives back in my hometown, furthermore I've only just started with this cake business and I hope this coming December 17th I will be able to make one for her too......although I am also a mother but I am still a daughter to my Abah and Umi and I hope I will also be one of those beautiful, loving and caring daughter too,

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