Sunday, February 8, 2009

Her mum ordered oreo chocolate cake for her daughter's birthday sometime during last fasting month and I decided to add these cupcakes with HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles with just blots of buttercream on top since the oreo choc cheesecake ( no photo) was rather plain with no deco 'cept for the grated choc and cocoa powder.Thanx Kak CT for your orders and support esp for trusting me to prepare some cookies for your raya open house.My first time making semperit which you requested and I looked up for the recipe in the internet cos I've never made it before, fortunately it turns out nice., yellowy as it should . This is the beauty of advanced technology, just google and you'l find what you are looking for.
chocolate cake for last raya

The choc cake is boxed and ribboned using their theme colour, golden and brown

This cake is specially made for a young bride as a gift since we couldn't make it to her wedding in December 2008 because it clashed with my own brother's wedding in Skudai. Her mum ordered the same chocolate cake for last raya and she only managed to get a little bite out of it and that's why I decided to make one for her and i hope she liked it,

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