Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Masterpiece on a cake board

dated:6th Nov 2008'
I was drawing Spongebob on the cupcakes birthday order from a friend , when I saw that my daughter was also drawing something on another cake board and she surprised me with this..

My 4 year old Batrisyia’s masterpiece, ( she is 5 now but this drawing was done when she was 4 )
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, our future Picasso….or Van Gogh or perhaps , our very own Dato’Lat, the cartoonist .
My youngest daughter seems to show an interest in my baking, she would sit around accompanying me in the wee hours of the morning and asking me this and that and keeps on saying, " cantiknyeeee" every time i finished decorating my cakes and cupcakes. Who better can be a judge than a 5 year old kid. Kids don't lie, right, but then again, she is my kid, surely she would say nice things to her Mummy...

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